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Friday Loud: Turisas – Rasputin


It’s Friday Loud time on Running Wolf’s Rant. Today’s rocking tune is “Rasputin” by Turisas. This song was released in 2007 and is one of my favorite folk metal songs of all time.

It’s a cover of Boney M‘s song from the late 1970’s and has received special attention on the Tuks FM playlist in recent times. I still remember rocking out to this tune back in the Rob Forbes Bang Bang Breakfast days.

Turisas hail from Finland and were formed in 1997 in Hämeenlinna.  The band’s members are Mathias Nygård, Jussi Wickström, Olli Vänskä, Robert Engstrand, Jaakko Jakku and Jesper Anastasiadis.

Turisas incorporated elements of power metal and symphonic metal along with frequent harsh vocals. They are well known for playing most of their solos on electric violin instead of traditional guitars. To date the band has released four studio albums. They are also well known to dress up in traditional Viking battle gear for their live shows.

According to Wikipedia: Rasputin is a semi-biographical song about Grigori Rasputin (a friend and advisor to Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his family) during the early 20th century. The song variously sensationalizes Rasputin as a playboy, mystical healer, and political demiurge. The tune of the song is based on Turkish song Kâtibim.

According to one of the guys from Rasputin “There’s a ferry route between Finland and Sweden where people go to buy cheap booze and get wasted. I was sitting there watching a band playing 70’s disco covers.

They blasted into “Rasputin,” and I realized that it would fit perfectly for Turisas.” The band has been playing the cover live for a few years and finally decided to record it because of the very positive feedback by the fans. Crank this tune up loud, I’m pretty sure that this will improve your Friday morning at work.

Check out the video for Turisas – “Rasputin” below:

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