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Full line-up confirmed for Mieliepop 2014


Are in the mood for great music talent (both new & old), gorgeous rivers, rolling fields, squeaky clean infrastructure and incredible entertainment? Are you yearning for some crystal clear waters, green hills, lilies, magical caves setting the scene for our outdoor stage and a massive lake and pools to keep you refreshed & energized all day long? Well, they you should check out Mieliepop 2014.

I’ve been to all three of the previous Mieliepop festivals and I can assure you that this will be one of the coolest festivals you can attend in South Africa. There’s ample camping space, clean ablutions, a swimming pool and a cave bar. The vibe is never dull, the atmosphere is relaxed and amazing and there are also NO thorn trees (so you can basically mission around barefoot if you want to).

Great news is that the Mieliepop organizers have announced the full line-up for the festival. Mieliepop 2014 promises to be a kick-ass festival featuring performances by Southern Gypsey Queen, Shadowclub, Shortstraw, Radio Kalahari Orkes, Tidal Waves, Desmond and The Tutu’s, Woodstock Mafia, Wonderboom, Naming James, Straakligkinders, Shaun Jacobs, Saarkie, Bittereinder, Fake Leather Blues Band and a long list of brilliant SA musicians. Just check out the full line-up poster below and you’ll see why should be there if you’re a music fan…

The fourth annual edition of Mieliepop will be held from 2 to 5 October 2014 at Tolderia Resort (which is located close to the town of Lothair, Mpumalanga – a mere 50 km from Ermelo). Early bird full festival tickets are already available on their official website and cost only R495 for the whole weekend. For more information, check out the Mieliepop Festival Facebook page or follow @mieliepopfest on Twitter.

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