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Full Red Sparrow Trailer Released


Great news! The full trailer has been released for Red Sparrow. This Spy / Action / Thriller film starring Jennifer Lawrence in the leading role will make its debut in cinemas in the USA in March 2018.

Red Sparrow conjures up memories of Spies and the Cold War in 1970s & 1980s

The film tells about the Russian intelligence officer Dominika Egorova and CIA agent Nathaniel Nash, the American mole in Russia, whom she should expose. Red Sparrow is based on the novel of the same name (which was written by Jason Matthews – a former CIA operative).

Joel Edgerton, Mary-Louise Parker, Douglas Hodge, Ciarán Hinds and Jeremy Irons will also be appearing in the film. Red Sparrow is directed by Francis Lawrence (who also directed three of the Hunger Games films, 2007’s I Am Legend and 2005’s Constantine).  The film was shot at locations in Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and the UK.

I’m actually glad that we’re going to see a film that’s NOT part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are a lot of similarities when you compare the Black Widow and Red Sparrow backstories though.

I’ve been craving a good spy thriller and it looks like Red Sparrow is going to be just that. Check out the trailer below and you’ll see what I mean.

Let’s hope that this movie doesn’t take eons to arrive in South African cinemas.

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