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Funny Advert on Junk Mail


This morning, my friend and colleague @DapperTrapper spotted an interesting advert on one of South Africa’s most popular classifieds websites, Junk Mail. Online classifieds are very useful when you’re trying to find a flat / townhouse or if you’re trying to get rid of stuff that you don’t need any more. It seems that “Evil Genius” has some other ideas about using classifieds though. I found this odd and extremely funny and that’s the reason I’m sharing it with you.

“Please No Weirdos” he says, hmmm, I just want to ask him if he knows who the weirdo is here, don’t you think? Comment on this post if you think you have what it takes to be a minion and let me know what your qualifications and experience are for this task. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

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  1. Dear Henno Kruger!!!

    Thank you very much for the publicity you are giving to my advert.
    The response I get from the public and minions hiding out there, is really amazing.
    The part where I said ” NO WEIRDO’S ” was actually sarcasm.
    Weirdo’s and left outs are exactly what I am looking for in my recruitment of all my Minions.
    Due to the High strike rate in south Africa was my reason why I said NO PAY.
    I figured if I don’t pay them they cant strike and say they want a 15% raise. Because that will still be ZERO! Genius isn’t it? but still EVIL

    regards…. YOU’RE EVILNESS!


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