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Funny Netflix South Africa campaign mocks DSTV and goes viral


Great Scott! A funny Netflix South Africa campaign has gone viral via Twitter. The advert features comedian (and comedy club owner) Jason Goliath (who has previously appeared in adverts for other SA brands like Kreepy Krawly).

The hilarious campaign features a “Man in a Van” – a guy that specializes in Netflix installation. He goes through the process, offers one customer “Netflix Premium HD” (a clever play on words that mocks DSTV’s Premium package), gives customers wireless Netflix and watches it with customers to make sure that they’re happy. He even throws in the box for free.

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Check out the Netflix South Africa campaign below. It’s approaching 40,000 views on Twitter alone. It think this will leave you in stiches…

Lately reports have been flowing around in the media saying that MultiChoice want ICASA to regulate streaming services like Netflix in the country (because they claim they have an unfair advantage). This Netflix South Africa advert / social media campaign shows exactly why being backwards when it comes to media consumption in 2018 is just ridiculous.

Dear Multichoice, if you give people the option to stream all your sports channels for R300 a month, they’ll jump on it – mark my words. Stop trying to milk consumers and think about how consuming media has changed in the last 10 years. People have gotten tired of your repeats and are pissed off because they’re paying double for a service that hasn’t really adapted to the market in the last 10 years.

What this Netflix South Africa campaign points out that it basically comes down to this: In the 21st Century you need to adapt or die. If you want people to keep using your service, you need to adapt to accommodate them. It shouldn’t work the other way around.

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