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10 Top Tips for Writing a Gadget Review


Most people wouldn’t dream of buying a gadget before reading up on reviews. Here is how to write a helpful, informative gadget review in 10 simple steps.

1. Know your product

Before jumping straight into a review take time to really get to know the gadget and discover all that it has to offer. No one wants to have the product manual regurgitated to them. What they want is to hear from someone that has taken the time to play around with the product. This is the information that cannot be found in the manual, that only you, with the product in your hands, are able to provide.

2. Compare

When purchasing gadgets people want to have the BEST. So when writing about these products take time to assess the benefits and limitations and the amount in which these weigh up to the specifications of similar gadgets on the market.

Tip: In order to go the extra mile, try adding in tests and benchmarks that you have run on these products in regards to how well they perform. Giving people a hard fact in addition to your own opinions helps make your review stand out from the others.

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3. Marks Out of 10?

One feature that always stands out in a review is the classic … /10. Not only does this help simplify the features for the reader but it also grabs the attention of the eye when quickly scanning through. It also makes it much easier to compare to other gadgets.

Tip: “Make sure you go on to explain the reasons behind your scoring. Go into the little details that really pushed your buttons about this gadget (both positively and negatively). If it annoyed you it is sure to annoy others,” suggests Tony Markson, a developer at Write My X and Australia 2 Write.

4. State the obvious

When you have a product in front of you it is easy to brush over the more obvious basic features. However, these are often the most important. Although it is often denied, the look and feel of a gadget is almost as important as how well it functions.

5. Provide pictures

Providing photos of the gadget without the flashy backdrops, lighting and cameras helps show people exactly what they are getting. People love to see how these products match up to their professional online photographs.

6. Prove this one is real

People are becoming more and more sceptical about whether what they read online is real or fake (and rightly so). It is common knowledge that people are now being paid to write fake reviews in order to both boost and sabotage products. A real review is easy to spot as it mentions specifics. People being paid to write fake reviews will be too lazy to find these out.

7. Introductory Summary

After writing the review create a short summary and place it at the start. List the 3 main pros and cons, the ‘deal breakers’.

For example, I have been looking to buy a portable charger and a useful review I came across was a 2-star review that explicitly listed the pros and cons so that I instantly knew that this was not the portable charger for me.

“The review stated that this particular one had no way of indicating whether it was charged or not. Whereas others on the market not only showed whether it was charged but also exactly how many more charges it had left,” says August D. Bentley, a tech editor at BritStudent and 1 Day 2 Write.

8. Direct title

Do not go for the generic ‘great gadget’ or ‘poor performance’ title. These give no specifics and often look fake. List the deal breakers (mentioned in the review) within the title itself. This way people know exactly what you are going to be saying.

9. Short But Sweet

If your review is too long people won’t take the time to read it. Between 200 and 300 words is the optimum.

10. Is it worth what you pay?

Finally make sure you mention cost. The most important factor people want to know is whether they are getting value for money.

By following these 10 easy steps to write a gadget review you can help consumers make more highly educated decisions when purchasing gadgets.

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