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Game Review: F1 2016


After the disaster that was F1 2015 , Codemasters (The Developers) vowed to redeem themselves with this years installment of the popular franchise. They had one goal : To go out and produce the best F1 racing game that they have ever created – And boy did they deliver.

F1 2016 takes you back to the reason why we all love F1 racing games – That exhilarating feeling of driving at 320km/h while trying to defend you position from 22 other ambitious drivers.

The moment you load F1 2016 you will be greeted by the most polished F1 game to date. F1 2016 features a lot of gameplay elements that was left out in F1 2015. Career mode makes a return and will immerse you from the word go. The core element in Career mode is for you to experience the life as Formula One driver. You get to choose your avatar , customize your helmet and decide for which team you will drive. You will also be greeted by your trusty Engineer that gives you R&D (Research and Development) goals that you have to complete during the free practice sessions on race weekend. You will be rewarded points for each completely R&D task and these points can be used to upgrade your car as you progress in the 10 playable seasons. You will also be greeted by your Agent which gives you valuable information of what is expected of you in the next race.

In terms of Gameplay – F1 2016 is arguably the best F1 game to date. Each car drives differently and Codemasters got the physics spot on. The gameplay elements are extremely deep yet accessible for the casual gamer. You will set up a pit strategy before every race and this time around it actually makes a difference on race day. You will be managing Tyre and engine wear as you speed around the track , car setups and a whole lot more.  One feature I welcomed with open arms is the ability to actually talk to your pit crew during a race. You simply have to connect a microphone to your system and by using the in-game voice recognition software , you can actually talk to your pit crew by asking various questions such as fuel consumption , Tyre wear , weather conditions , car information , race information and a whole lot more. This definitely adds to immersion of the game and it takes “a lot of your shoulders” as you don’t have to look at a menu anymore while you are driving at insane speeds. The game also features a pretty realistic damage system which adds to the simulation aspect of the game.

F1 2016b also features multiplayer if you fancy a race against an all human grid. Codemasters included a nifty feature where should you get disconnected mid race, an AI driver will take over your role until you are able to connect to that game session again and reclaim your place. The Developers also improved the net code and I have not see one race that had lag in it.

Graphically F1 2016 is the best looking F1 game to date. Each car is extremely detailed and look photo-realistic. Weather conditions are also brilliantly done. You will struggle to see in wet conditions as water is kicked up by the car in front of you , you will see reflections and sun glare in sunny conditions. All tracks also feature dynamic weather so you might start a race in sunny conditions and end up finishing on soaking wet track. Each track is also extremely detailed and offers a true to live representation in regards to the real life tracks. Simulation is definitely the name of game in this years installment.

To sum up F1 2016 – Codemasters literally improved every aspect of the previous titles and this game will keep you playing for months on end.

Would I recommend this game? Hell YES

Rating : 9.0/10


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