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Game Review: Project Cars


Project Cars is a racing simulator that isn’t for everyone. The game strives on providing realism in every aspect rather than providing you with a quick trip around the track.

Graphics: Project Cars is simply stunning when it comes to the eye candy category. The cars and tracks are extremely detailed from the smallest light bulb to the biggest engine. The PC version ships with 12k resolution and sports graphical enhancements seen in all the latest AAA titles. The dynamic weather effects is something we haven’t seen before in any racing game and creates a feeling that a lot of time and effort went into getting it just right – But beware this game has the ability to put even the best gaming rigs under pressure. When everything is bumped to “Ultra” we saw how even the latest graphics cards struggle to keep a 60fps average. The word on the street is that the consoles also suffer from low fps during races but it is mainly when the weather effects (Thunderstorms and Heavy Rain) kicks in.

Project Cars is by far the best looking car game on the market and is miles ahead of games such as Forza and Gran-Turismo.

Gameplay: This is where Project Cars either get’s a flat tire or takes the checkered flag – It all depends on who is playing the game. For the racing enthusiasts the game features deep customizable settings – From Car Physics, Race Lengths, AI difficulty, Force feedback sliders and Pit Stop strategy’s. You will spend hours on the practice track fiddling with sliders to get your car behaving just the way you want to – For the casual gamer you will spend hours fiddling with sliders that you do not understand.

Every car in the game feels different and each will take some time to master. Racing cars behave as they should (Quick and nimble) whilst super cars behave like bricks with engines. It becomes apparent that the developers of the game (Slightly Mad Studios) set out to show you the difference between a race car and road car.The game also feature some pretty aggressive AI drivers – Each fighting to keep their positions on the grid although they can sometimes be overly-aggressive, slamming into you just to hold the racing line.

The weather is where Project Cars shines for me – A race can quickly become a battle to keep your car on the track when a thunderstorm decides to roll in after a few laps , forcing you to pit and put on those set of rain tires just to finish the race. The weather system is fully customizable as well giving you “weather slots” to adjust to your liking.

On the negative side – Project Cars can be a bit buggy at times – We had a scenario where the game stopped counting our laps or position in the race , forcing me to restart. Bugs can always be patched out by the developers but until then it can definitely add to frustration.

The game features a Career mode which lets you decide if you want to start at the bottom as a rookie Kart driver or slot in straight at the top as a Formula 1 driver – It is all up to you on how you want to progress. Online play comes with the standard online races and we were a bit surprised that there is no match-making option added – Maybe in the future.

Conclusion: Project Cars is exactly what the developers had promised – A racing simulator that looks graphically beautiful. It will either have you fist pumping the air or slamming your head against a table. I would definitely recommend this game to any racing enthusiast – if you are a casual gamer looking for a quick race, then this game is not for you. Project Cars is available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Rating: 8/10.

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