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Game Review : Star Wars Battlefront


In a galaxy far far away…

From the creators of the Battlefield series (DICE) we are treated to a first person shooter set in the Star Wars Universe. Star Wars Battlefront is a straight out multiplayer game , although there are some offline missions , the games main focus is you jumping into online matches with players from across the world.

The game features 12 playable maps set on 4 planets straight out of the movies , these maps are detailed and captures the look and feel of the universe incredibly well. You will run around on the desert planet of Tatooine or fight your way across the snow covered Hoth. It must be said that DICE really did a fantastic job with these maps – They are graphically stunning.

The game also features a collection of game modes from capturing droids to the extremely fun “Heroes vs. Villains” mode that pitches two teams against each other, each with three “Hero” characters. The game rotates who plays as a hero in any given match, and non-heroes have the option to spawn as “Honor Guards” — infantry-type classes with special abilities and more staying power compared to the heroes themselves. Nothing beats playing as Darth-Vader and killing every rebel scum in your path.

But with all that said , the game lacks replay-ability features. The character upgrades are shallow and you will soon realize that next unlockable blaster might be weaker than the gun you already have. You also get unlockable gadgets (referred to as cards), but they require cooldown timers.

In most shooters, choosing to play as a sniper means trading short-range survivability and limited situational awareness for the ability to kill people with a single bullet from halfway across the map. Battlefront equalizes this situation by giving anyone the ability to fire a sniper rifle once every 10-18 seconds depending on your level and upgrade state. Thus taking away any form of specialization classes.

One feature I do like is the different type of vehicles you get in the game. It is quite and experience flying in a X-wing or jumping into an AT-ST walker. These vehicles are not chosen when you spawn but rather by picking up vehicle power-ups which are more-or-less randomly distributed across a map. This gives everybody a chance to play with vehicles and I personally welcome this choice by the developers.

All in all Star Wars Battlefront is a good , fun game to play and will bring a smile to the face of every Star Wars fan. It will last you a good 20 hours before you get bored.

Would I recommend this game? Definitely. Would I recommend buying it at full retails price? Definitely not.

Rating : 7.8/10

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