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Gangs Of Ballet release music video for “Black and White” (featuring Jack Parow)


Great news! Gangs of Ballet has released the music video for their latest single “Black and White” featuring Jack Parow. The song is the first single from their new EP, Form & Function Part 3 (which is set for release at the end of July 2018). This will also be their last release as a band.

The band was approached by Feral Child Animation House to work on a video, and for “Black and White”, the band’s first ever official collaboration, they thought they’d give it a go seeing as they have also never had an animation video before and it would be great to tick both boxes as they are coming to an end.

Gangs of Ballet - Black and White
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Feral Child pitched a few ideas to the band, and they chose the one which they connected with the most. The making of an animated video is a very unique process seeing as its made via cell animation, which means that you have to draw each frame of the animation which the viewer sees, culminating in thousands of frames to make a 3 minute video.

“We spent time sitting with Feral Child, chatting around our design aesthetic for the EP and looking at our Bauhaus references. So their animation style really compliments the song and feel of our art and it’s come out as a really interesting art piece of their own! You also gain massive appreciation for their art when you understand the process it takes to get to the final product.” says Brad Klynsmith.

Abstract and arty, the video depicts someone treating their partner like a play thing, which is indicative of a lukewarm relationship where each party doesn’t know where they stand.

“The video for ‘Black and White’ is beautiful to engage with. At the same time is also a strange thing to think that we won’t be going through this process as a band ever again. Besides the music, we get to do these other artistic things as mates and creatives, so they are moments to be cherished.”

The video for “Black and White” was directed by Nella Addy and animated by Nella Addy, Gareth Fourie, Skye Davis and Rogan van den Berg (who also edited the video). Check it out below:

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