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Gauteng E-Tolls Make No Sense (Video)


Recently South African president Jacob Zuma signed the Transport Laws and Related Matters Amendment Bill (also known as the E-Toll act) into law. The law in effect gives the SA National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) the nod to put e-tolling into effect on Gauteng’s freeways. This was one of the saddest days in South African history. I can’t believe they’re actually going ahead with it. Earlier in the week SANRAL announced that E-tolling will start in 6 weeks.

If you ask me the ANC government is actually shooting itself in the foot with this. Residents of Gauteng (who are already cash-strapped thanks to weak Rand) will be feeling the pinch when e-tolling starts. Government can post all the advertisements they want in the local papers to tell folks that “prices won’t increase” and that “e-tolling is the right way to go”, put a lot of Pro E-tolling adverts on radio stations and television, but that won’t encourage people who have brains to buy their e-tags. The Transport Minister’s claims that South Africans “Want E-Tolls” is also completely unfounded.

The fact remains that Gauteng E-Tolls Make No Sense. Check out the video below which explains why:

So, will you be getting your e-tag or will you using alternative routes to avoid the E-tolls? Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

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