More Geeky Stuff to embrace your inner geek


The first edition of Geeky Stuff proved to be an extremely popular article on this blog, so I have decided to do another one today. So, hold on to your horses or your tin foil hat, here’s some more Geeky Stuff to embrace your geek.

Today’s batch features an epic name on a credit card, a renewed assessment of Married With Children’s Al Bundy, a pretty awesome poem about Magic (for all the fantasy fans out there), an example of failed ghost hunt, Stan Lee (the creator of Spiderman, The Avengers, X-Men and the Fantastic Four) being awesome, a renewed assessment of high school seniors using Neil Patrick Harris (from Doogie Howser MD and How I Met Your Mother), an example of a pick-up line you should NOT be using on the girl you want to ask out, a freaky (and slightly disgusting) version of paintball, an example of modern education in action, the reason why English is fun, a collection of some random interesting facts (featuring Walt Disney, New York City, etc), some funny short jokes (written in a Star Wars font), an example of your average smart phone user these days, a very cheeky letter from a bright 16 year old (which gives me hope for the future), an interesting definition of smallpox, what every pilot flying a plane above or next to another one is ACTUALLY thinking, a clever way of taming your monsters and an epic response from Kristen Bell on Twitter. Read, laugh, get informed and enjoy.

Geeky Stuff 01

Geeky Stuff 02

Geeky Stuff 03

Geeky Stuff 04

Geeky Stuff 05

Geeky Stuff 06

Geeky Stuff 07

Geeky Stuff 08

Geeky Stuff 09

Geeky Stuff 11

Geeky Stuff 12

Geeky Stuff 13

Geeky Stuff 14

Geeky Stuff 15

Geeky Stuff 16

Geeky Stuff 17

Geeky Stuff 18

Geeky Stuff 19

Geeky Stuff 20

So, was this geeky enough for you or NOT? Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the second edition of Geeky Stuff. If you’ve enjoyed this, feel free to share this article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Remember: Sharing is Caring.

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