Getting In Bed With Gadgets (Infographic)


Don’t get me wrong folks, I’m someone that loves my gadgets (especially my smart phone and my computer) before I go to bed. And no – I don’t do anything dodgy, my mind just gets pre-occupied and doesn’t want to shut off, that’s all. I was browsing on 9Gag earlier and I found this infographic about getting in bed with gadgets and I found it very interesting. I’m sure all of you reading this will find it interesting as well.

After reading this I’m thinking that I should probably sleep more instead of getting in bed with gadgets and sleeping only 5 hours a night (if you ask me). I am not one of those people who fall asleep at their desk though and since I’m still using public transport I’m not a risk on the roads either (which is probably a relief).

This doesn’t mean that I’m not getting in bed with gadgets, but I’ll try to leave them alone before I finally go to sleep.  I’ll try to utilize the sleep button on my TV screen more and I’ll try putting my phone on silent, maybe that will help? Who knows?

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