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Gig Review: Fuzigish, Shortstraw & PHFAT @ Arcade Empire


During the first half of 2017, Arcade Empire has hosted some pretty awesome shows. From international acts such as Our Last Night, to local favourites like Desmond and the Tutus. To mark the halfway point of the year, and the end of the first semester (tequila to soothe the stress of upcoming exam results, anyone?), Arcade Empire threw another kick-ass party, and we were there.

With a line-up like Fuzigish, Shortstraw, and PHFAT, it was no wonder that the event drew a big crowd. But, that was not all they had to offer. The Jagermeister stage hosted DJ’s such as Arcade Empire’s very own Kid Robot, Reverse, Deserthead, and Chee.

Even before Fuzigish opened the main stage, room to move inside became limited. Our beer pong game was constantly interrupted by passer-by’s trying to make their way to another bar or to the stage.

Fuzigish played at Aandklas Pretoria the week before, but tonight they definitely drew a bigger crowd. They entertained from the very start of their set. Kids were jumping and screaming along with every word.

As always, Shortstraw brought the house down. The main stage area became even more packed than with Fuzigish (we could barely get through the door). Girls were almost dancing on top of the stage in outfits which seemed like bikini’s (with Shortstraw it’s always Bikini Weather, right?) Their set included old favourites, from Couch Potato to Say Anything, and newer tracks from Those Meddling Kids, such as Bowsie, Boo, and their latest release, JETLAG. August would see the final song release for Those Meddling Kids.

It was fitting that PHFAT performed again at Arcade Empire six months(!!!) after ringing in the New Year there. The area around the main stage was now completely packed. Bodies against bodies (luckily one couldn’t feel the effects of winter anymore). The crowd went absolutely wild for PHFAT. The dancing “bikini” girls now danced on top of the stage extensions; almost felt like we were at a proper hip-hop show.

Every song was a hit, from Kill the Universe, to If He Can’t Dance. The area got too crowded for us, and we watched PHFAT’s final two songs (my personal favourites) from backstage. I danced and screamed along to Lights Out, and PHFAT ended the night on an absolute high with Jump.

The main stage acts might have been done by 1 am, but the Jagermeister stage was still going strong with Chee on the decks. He kept us dancing until closing time.

The night was an amazing jol. Arcade Empire never disappoints.

Photo Credit: KENS WITH A LENS (Kendra Sinovich)


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