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Gogol Bordello confirmed for Oppikoppi 2015


On Friday a message popped up on the Oppikoppi Facebook page and simply stated “Start Wearing Purple”. Gogol Bordello fans started freaking out and not long after this the official announcement was posted: Gogol Bordello were confirmed for Oppikoppi The Fantastic Mr. Vos Vos.

The response was mostly positive, but a few people were in the dark asking things like “Who is Gogol Bordello?”. Well, let me tell you one thing my in-the-dark music loving friends, this Gypsy Punk band from New York City in the USA is one of the hardest working and coolest live acts around and they’ve at it since 1999, so you better put on your dancing shows (or start wearing purple) and prepare yourself for their set at Oppikoppi 2015.

The current members of the band are Eugene Hütz, Sergey Ryabtsev, Pasha Newmer, Thomas Gobena, Boris Pelekh, Oliver Charles, Elizabeth Sun and Pedro Erazo. They’re well know for their theatrical live performances and have performed at many of the major music festivals around the world like Rock Am Ring (in Germany) and Coachella (in the USA).

Check out this live version of “Start Wearing Purple”, which was recorded at Coachella in 2008:

Oppikoppi also recently announced that auditions are now open for what will probably become one of South Africa’s most internationally acclaimed more or less traditional choirs. Hailing from Northam (and actually many other frontier townlets), the Northam Uitgewasde Seunskoor vir Mans en Vrouens (NUSMV), will be a fiercely independent, very low level amateur choir of sub-international standing.

Launching in 2015 and performing only domestically (for now), as close to Northam as possible (for now), this choir offers non-professional-but-very-willing-singers (and harmonizers) their only chance to perform in front of 20,000 of the most clued up music critics in Southern Africa. Apart from doing a few of their own rock ‘n roll anthems, the NUSMV has also been confirmed as the official backing choir for one song with Francois van Coke during his set at OppiKoppi The Fantastic Mr. Vos Vos.

The NUSMV is looking for 20 – 30 key founding members. Judges will be looking for reasonable voices, but more importantly: conviction and verve. And of course, you must know a few rock ‘n roll (and especially South African rock ‘n roll) anthems. You will need to be in harmony with the founding values of the NUSMV: tolerance, abundance, joy, rock ‘n roll, beer and respect.

If you think you have what it takes, submit an audition video of you singing your heart out to any song by these artists: Johnny Clegg, Shortstraw, PH fat, Tweak, aKING or Toya Delazy. Film yourself, upload your video to Instagram or Facebook and tag @oppikoppi and add ‪the #‎uitgewas hashtag‬. Entries will be open from the 22nd of May through until the 14th of June. The Top 30 will go through to the next round of live auditions.

Successful singers will, of course, be given free entry to the festival, and will be required to join the choir for a few random performances, as well as the climactic performance with Francois van Coke. A few impromptu members will also be added at the festival itself. You can’t always get what you want. But if you try, sometimes you get what you need. And right now that is a blue waistcoat, madam.

The organizers also added the following artists to the line-up today: The Curious Incident (UK), SA’s rising hip hop queen Yugen Blakrok, Money For Cats, Lil Red, Made For Broadway, LA COBRA , Savage Lucy and Manny Walters.

To recap, the following artists have also been confirmed: Greedy Greg, Cazz, Naming James, Ruby Gill, Bitches Brew, Kyle Watson, AKA, The Slashdogs, Michael Plaxton-Harrison, Pop Art Live, Lost & Found, Black Math, Float Parade, Jazzuelle, Planet Lindela, Blazin Gooch, Go Barefoot, Die See, Bombs and Issues, Adventure Man, Cortina Whiplash, Bye Beneco, Crimson House, The Nomadic Orchestra, Atom, Scarlotte Will, CMR, Boxer, State Society, Kabaal klankbaan, Facing The Gallows, aKING, Gerald Clark and Luna Paige, Konrad Küchenmeister (Germany), Albert Frost & Robin Auld, Desmond & the Tutus, Sannie Fox, Poverty Of Ideals, Nonku Phiri, Frank Freeman, Kings Down South, Tweak, Anton Goosen, Johnny Clegg, Twin Atlantic (Scotland), Hyphen, Okmalumkoolkat, Guy Collins, The Foolish Braves, After Robot, Satanic Dagga Orgy, Card on Spokes, Francois van Coke, Shortstraw, P.H. Fat, BCUC, New Academics, The Bearded Ladies, Southern Wild, Meth Breath, Crystal Park, FILTH, Bark, Steadyrock-Nation, Rude One, Livingston (UK), The Ts & Cs, Red Helen, Hokum, Trancemicsoul, The Black Cat Bones, a colab featuring Albert Frost, Toya Delazy and Lee Thomson (from Hog Hoggidy Hog) and The Parlotones.

I’m wondering who else is going to be confirmed for Oppikoppi 2015 in the coming weeks… Tickets are available @ R750 on the Oppikoppi Facebook Page or Plankton.Mobi. Make sure that you get yours ASAP, it’s going to be AWESOME.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Music category on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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