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Grassy Spark: Back with sweet new single and video for “The Candy”


Since their formation, Grassy Spark has always made it their mission to evolve outside of their comfort zone. The 5-piece’s new direction is all about a fresh Grassy Spark and honing in on what that is all about.

Through the process of exploring this direction and sound, they’ve come to the realisation that Grassy Spark is more of an idea than a band or genre. One could say that they are Genre-Neutral – based on the trajectory they have been on since the beginning. Much like water, their goal is to be fluid and flow, adapt and find comfort in the ever-changing current of being an artist.

Grassy Spark
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“The Candy” was a collaborative experience with their sound engineer Jethro Harris, and Berkley-bred producer Tutti Espi, with vocals recorded by Jethro, guitars and bass by Yanick Bathfield and synth and drums processed by Tutti.

The new track is also a great indication of what we can expect from their new direction. It’s a completely fresh Grassy Spark experience – from the look and feel, to the execution of the new sound live.

Josh Riley has the following to say about their new single

“For me personally ‘The Candy’ is entirely about being swept off your feet by the idea of conception. Naturally the inspiration comes from conceiving my first born child. No one knew about it at the time, and when the pre-chorus and chorus of ‘The Candy’ was tracked for the 1st time, the only thing I was thinking was that I’ve made a human and nobody knows!

This extends into the idea of the band conceiving a new sound, and a rebirth that carries with it immense intention born of the chaos of individual and collective change, where all different ideas coming together.” 

Prepare for a fresh, slick and cutting edge transformation. Expect that high energy emotive Grassy Spark feel.

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