Photo Album: Grietfest 2012


Everyone that’s anyone in SA electro braved the bad weather flocked to Newtown for Grietfest this weekend. Hipsters united to dub the night away as  Grietfest  is by far the trendiest street party you can go to. With 5 stages with back to back performers it’s well worth the drive to Jozi. The only trouble is dragging yourself away from one act not to miss someone else at another stage! Hail did spoil a bit of the night because hell hath no fury like mother nature!

The backdrop of old buildings,Town Hall, Graffitied streets and highway bridges creates a vibe unlike an other. My personal favorite of the night has to be The Frown and Yesterday’s Pupil but Grietfest gives a great platform to lesser known artists to let the world know who they are. But there was something for everyone with acts Haezer, P.H. Phat, Phyzacits,Das Kapital, Sibot and many more. Attending such an event fills you with pride as you realize yet again that the South African music industry is booming like nobodies business! Well done Griet on an epic festival!


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