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Guide to Innibos 2015


Nelsparta is busier than ever this week: Yes, it’s time for Innibos 2015. There is a whole carnival ride section being built (which looks like fun every year), there is a ‘bos mall’ being set up and the posters of artists are being displayed on every main street pole and the main festival terrain. Contrary to popular belief, Nelsparta is not a small little town, it’s actually a city.

Innibos is back, despite those rumours that it would not be happening (after dumbass Stofsuier pulled some “Die Stem” moves last year). Trust me, many people have said that the festival won’t be taking place this year, but I love how they are being proved wrong. You always get those complainers about this and that but I really don’t care, It’s something big that happens every year in my city and I love it. Last year I did a guide on this but this year, I’m changing it slightly. I’m pretty sure that there will be tourists coming to our humble Lowveld who have not been here before.

Traffic: Yes we drive like assholes here. It’s a mix between Cape Town and Johannesburg. BMW drivers’ indicators came out optional (same as most delivery vehicles). The traffic police love trapping on the major road routes (N4, R40, etc) and take note that the R40 is being upgraded so if you need to drive to the Nelspruit Medi Clinic good luck. There is general traffic control but it comes down to one thing: don’t drive like an asshole because you are in a different town. Try not to park like an asshole either, we saw plenty of bumper bashes happen because of bad parking last year.

The Rock Stage: If you are going to the Innibos festival and planning to visit the MK Rock Stage then prepare yourself for only Friday and Saturday night of rock music. The festival is only presenting a two night line up due to reasons unknown to me. It sucks and it makes sense at the same time.

Friday the 3rd of July will feature appearances by After Robot, Bark, Gerald Clark, Monark, Francois van Coke, Bittereinder and Jack Parow. Saturday 4 July will feature appearances by Jonathan Peyper, Frankie Fire, Len Muller, Saarkie, Spoegwolf, The Black Cat Bones and Van Coke Kartel.

As much as I hate it that we only have 2 days of rock I really can’t complain about the line-up. There is one or two artists I have never heard of and wonder how the hell they got up there but that is just me. Many locals feel that guys like Beatenberg, Matthew Mole, Jeremy Loops, Andra, Shotgun Tori, Southern Gypsey Queen, Tailor, Desmond & The Tutu’s, Shortstraw and aKING should have been on the line up as well or at least included. Let’s hope next year we will see a wider variety of artists instead of the one sided ones. Again I take the attitude you can’t please everyone.

Where to party? The main festival terrain is not the only place where you can have a lekker time with good music. Stoep restaurant that is situated across from the main festival terrain behind the BP Garage at Sonpark Boulevard is also offering a wide selection of music. With their After Party you can expect music from Gerald Clark, Stiaan Reynierse, After Robot, Jonathan Peyper, Goat ‘n Hare, Smook & The 3 Beans, Gibraltar (last 3 mentioned are Nelsparta based bands), In Unity We Drum, Andra and her band, Jessie Presto and many more. Full details is available on their website

General things to know: If you are planning on rocking up spontaneously good luck: Almost all of the accommodation spots are booked out for Innibos 2015. There might be a few places that offer camping and such, but your best bet would be to look at Innibos website or Facebook page for accommodation in people’s homes.

If you are under 18: don’t drink. There are a lot of places in Nelsparta that are busy enforcing the rule of 18 and under either not allowed in the premises or being marked and only served non alcoholic drinks. If you have kids the Apies Innibos on the main festival terrain is a lekker setup for them and will keep them busy. At night they offer a baby sitting service. Inquiries can be made on the Innibos website.

Tickets: You can buy your Innibos tickets from any Computicket outlet or online. There are plenty of productions happening, so it’s best to browse the Innibos website. Prices for this year are R90 for Wednesday, R90 for Thursday, R 130 for Friday and R 160 for Saturday. Remember this includes the MK Rock stage and 6 other stages on the main festival terrain. If you are heading to the festival take cash with you, there are ATM’s but they are limited. We all know what happens to festival ATM’s: they freeze or breakdown. If you are planning to go to Stoep for their music then you can call them on 013 741 2551 to book a table.

So, there you have it, you can have a lekker time at Innibos. It’s one of SA’s biggest Afrikaans art festivals right in the heart of the Lowveld. Remember: You don’t have to be Afrikaans or be able to speak the language to enjoy the festival. The more the merrier is how I feel and I’m a green cow.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Music category on Running Wolf’s Rant.


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