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Guinness Penguin TV Advert


Guinness is a popular Irish dry stout. This alcoholic beverage originated in the brewery of Arthur Guinness at St. James Gate in Dublin, Ireland. Arthur Guinness started brewing ales in 1759 and was his product was first exported from Ireland to England in 1769. Guinness is probably one of the oldest and most successful beer brands in the world.

It’s the drink of choice for most South Africans (and everyone who claims to be Irish or claims to have a little Irish in their blood) on St. Patrick’s day (on the 17th of March every year). This Guinness advert (from 2006) features some very interesting pengiuns. Guinness have certainly built up a reputation for quality advertising over the years. This advert has been selected to be featured in the Television category in the TV Adverts section of Running Wolf’s Rant today.

The Television category on Running Wolf’s Rant is updated regularly. The previous advert that was featured in the TV Adverts section of this blog was the Doritos Pug Attack Superbowl 2011 Advert. The Babes, Events, Facts, Gaming, Humor, Music, Movies, Opinion, Photography, Sport and Technology categories are updated constantly. Watch this space for updates. Feedback on posts is appreciated and welcome, so feel free to comment on anything you might have an opinion about.


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