Guns N’ Roses in Johannesburg: Tickets up for grabs

In case you forgot,Β Guns N’ Roses are playing one show only in South Africa later this year. The rockers will be playing at FNB stadium in Johannesburg on the 29th of November. This concert is brought to you by Big Concerts, 947 and Channel 24.

It’s the first time that these legendary rock ‘n rollers are coming to South Africa. For this reason, tickets have been selling like hotcakes since the show was announced in June 2018. It was also announced that Johannesburg rockers Wonderboom will be the opening act at the show.

Guns N' Roses

I’m pretty sure that many of you reading this are eager to “Get In The Ring” on the 29th of November 2018 with Guns N’ Roses. if you have tickets already and you don’t need more, stop reading. If you don’t have tickets yet, you have two choices: Buy your tickets via Computicket or enter our competition…

We’re giving away a double ticket for the Guns N’ Roses show in Johannesburg

All you need to do to enter this competition is leave a comment below and tell us WHAT you’d be willing to do to get your paws on these tickets. The more creative you get, the better your chance you stand to win the tickets! So get cracking!

Take note that this competition is NOT open to under 18’s. This competition closes on the 21st of November 2018. The winner will be notified in the comments below.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Music category on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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  1. Sylvia Nel

    What would I do for Guns n’ Roses Tickets… Sylvia Nel

    Put me in a ring and I will kick anyone’s bitchy little ass! It’s in November so it will most likely rain, but that’s okay as I have all the Patience to wait for my entry into Paradise City and Don’t Cry when I have to Live and let Die.

  2. Arne Dunckers

    To get my hands on the tickets I would: Dress like Slash, air guitar “Paradise City” like a champ, while washing the owner of this blog’s car.

  3. Mark Holder

    I’d be willing to get in the ring with the rock and kick his……. ass

  4. Dominique

    Firstly, it’s my birthday… In November. I’ll down a bottle of tequila, it may kill me but, whatever. In it to win it.

  5. Michelle

    I would sit through a whole Kurt Darren show. PROMISE !!!

  6. Tegan Gerber

    I will sing Sweet Child of Mine on my loudest, whilst doing burpees non stop (I HATE burpees)! I will Tattoo any song of Guns n’ Roses on my body! I will drink a bottle of Sambuca (I HATE Sambuca) and do squats at the same time! I will eat 10 cans of asparagus (I HATE asparagus) whilst planking! I will run through an entire mall screaming “I want Guns n Roses tickets”! I will sell my soul if it was possible! Please note – I am NOT fit, hence I am willing to do all these things!

      1. Tegan Gerber

        Thank YOU, for the competition πŸ™‚

    1. Henno Kruger

      Congratulations! You are the winner! The organizers will be in touch with you πŸ™‚

      1. Tegan Gerber

        Thank you so much Henno! I have tears of joy! I screamed so loud my whole office almost had a heart attack! Thank you again, this means the world to me! #bestchristmaspresentever

  7. Cherish

    Hey Hey, eerstens wil ek net sΓͺ ek kort en wil die kaartjies bitter graag wen, het al kaartjies op vorige geleentheid gehad maar show was gecancel, En nou met die petrol prys wat duurder is as goud, sal ek enige iets doen vir ‘n set kaartjies, Ek sal Russian roulette speel met ‘n gun vol rose, of om te wys hoe desperate ek is somer met regte bullets, hoop net dit mis sodat ek wel nog show kan bywoon, dankie baie, ek wil dit so bitter graag he

  8. Megan

    I would sell most organs i can live without, stand on my head in a It costume and recite the alphabet in Japanese while juggling lit candles with my feet on the anaconda roller-coaster at goldreef city covered in the worlds most dangerous spiders and snakes. Just to hear 30 seconds of one song.


    We donΒ΄t need a CIVIL WAR, just a little PATIENCE…
    No matter the NOVEMBER RAIN, we can all GET IN THE RING in to the PARADISE CITY.
    SORRY, but just ONE IN A MILLION can win the tickets.

  10. Kyra

    I’d shave all my hair off or dye it some wacky colour like slime green, shave my eyebrows off too, wear a top hat and run through a forest with hot ash covering the ground naked throughout the very very painfully cold night with a pack of wolves chasing me and a witch that wants to turn me into a toad. I’d sell my soul to the dark lord himself (no I’m not a Satanist but I can be for them tickets) and I’d book myself onto the Titanic (only after the concert though). I’d swim 1000km or teach myself to fly if I knew where I could get me some free Guns β€˜N Roses tickets.

  11. Madelein Ackermann

    I would dress like Aunt Stienie (hair curlers and all). Swim through a pool of mud. Do a “fun run”. Drink a bottle of Scott’s Emulsion. Eat a GHOST CHILLY…and then probably die…but not before seeing the most legendary concert of all time.

  12. Tania

    After getting in the ring, I had quite a normal kind of marraige. Our paradise City soon changed when the Dead Horse went knocking on Heaven’s Door. I was Feeling pretty tied up, but I took these Sweet Child of Mine and said dont cry, Live and let Die, he will always be the shadow of your love. Being a single parent, Im heading to the Garden by Granny’s house, for hopes to the leave the child, so that when the nightrain comes, I can meet my friend the Rocket Queen at the Entrance where she says: “Welcome to the Jungle. you’re so fine, and when you’re ready, you could be mine.”

  13. Karine van Tonder

    Actually I would do ANYTHING, it’s sentimental… When I was pregnant with my daughter I played her music in my tummy, Guns n Roses obviously, she was born with eyes of the bluest sky, and the hair of an angel (takes me away to that special place) she is the one and only Sweet child of mine! So 25 years later I would love to see Axl perform our song whilst holding her hand…

  14. Kengeliq

    I would ride my kids bike through town wearing nothing but a home made i love Guns n Roses poster, singing sweet child of mine and stopping strangers to sign a petition, that they agree i should win these tickets and to top it off i will dress like Slash once a month for the next year and walk through the mall praising Guns n Roses!
    P.S I’d probably also donate one of my husband’s testicles if need be.

  15. Maxine Coutinho

    My mother is a “vintage” GNR fan. She’s been an avid follower and devoted fan since I can remember. People say that they’re willing to do all of these extreme things, but my mom has actually had a tattoo of Slash inked onto her calf. It’s a remarkable piece and really speaks to her passion for this band. I’d LOVE her to have the opportunity to see them live in concert. Also, she turned 50 2 weeks ago and this would be the cherry on top to make her half century birthday year! I know you’re looking for creativity, but perhaps a sincere “please” might do. This would mean THE WORLD to my precious mom!


    I would get all the guns out of the city, give a rose to everyone in the concert and take the stage to sing Paradisy City.

  17. naeem Essop

    Well I am not sure. What length I will go for to watch Guns n Roses with my two boys. Cause I been listening to them since 1988. Huge fan of Gun n Roses. My two son Being rocker aswell they love Guns and Roses and wanted to surprise me for my birthday this month. So come back to the question I will do anything legal in the limits to watch Guns n Roses with my two sons to make it golden memory. So they can tell their kids we went to go see Guns n roses with you granddad. LOL that will be cool.

  18. Sandie Bryce-Borthwick

    Because no words can describe how these legends music makes ones soul soar…

  19. lika white

    watching guns n roses has been on my bucket list, but never in my budget. i have been a huge fan since i was in primary school, and i know all the lyrics to all their songs. Ive been having Patience so long for this opportunity. i would do any thing that’s legal, and wont get me locked up, to get tickets to watch them live I am an introvert, and don’t like crowded places, but if its tickets for guns and roses, i will tolerate hundreds even thousands of people just for the experience. that in itself should tell you how serious i am about these tickets. I would really really really really really like to win tickets to experience something Ive been wanting to do since Ive been a kid. PLEASE PLEASE. PLEASE. i would love to take that sweet child of mine to go and watch them, even if we have to do it in the cold November rain. I will probably feel loaded like a freight train, but when i win tickets ill be flying like an aeroplane.

  20. Brendon

    I would get a guns n roses tattoo, and henno kruger can choose where and what he would like

  21. Christo de Klerk

    I would be willing to get a Guns & Roses Tattoo!

  22. Sebolelo malesa

    I would be the happiest child alive honestly I dont know what I would do to get my hands on the tickets but all I know is if I get tickets I won’t be sure what guns and roses shirt to wear because I legit have 10 ,I would die for those tickets, I would legit sell my clothes for those tickets and all my shoes just too see gun n roses on a stage

    1. Henno Kruger

      Thanks Sebolelo, but the competition is already closed πŸ™‚

  23. Isilda

    Hi! What about winners?

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