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Haaave You Heard: Pretoria Indie rockers, We are Charlie


So I’ve been unemployed for almost 5 days and I decided to start a new feature on Rwrant called “Haaave you heard”, that will consist of 2 posts a week, one on a Monday; featuring an unknown band or a band that hasn’t been really active over the last few years, but mostly for up-and-coming bands in our South African industry, of which I am a very big fan of. The post on a Friday will consist of new albums out there or albums that will still be released. (Thanks to Bass de Beer for the naming, I hit a blank this morning so I called in the experts.)

This past weekend I was at Arcade for the ISO gig featuring We are Charlie and K.O.I, and I have to admit that I have never heard of any of the bands that played alongside ISO on Saturday. Being the SA music fan that I am, I always give a band a chance to perform before I give my opinion on the music, regardless of the members or die type of genre they place themselves under. I heard about Dylan Christie from a friend of mine, saying that he is so her type and all of those feeling-related things that I have no interest in, so I made a point to see them live at least once. The first featured band is none other than Pretoria based Indie rockers, We are Charlie. Dylan Christie on Vocals and guitar, Rowan van Eeden on Bass and Wesley Reinecke on drums.

As a sucker for a good Indie band I thought they were awesome. Indie is a genre that can’t really be called a genre, giving the vast variety of different sub-genres that are classified under Indie. Listening to them play made me think of early The White Stripes or even some good old Yeah Yeah Yeahs in a way, I was really impressed. The sound is something different, something you don’t hear as often as you used to. They have gone back to the basics, back to what made people love Indie in the first place. If you haven’t seen them live or heard any of their music, make an effort to check them out, out on Facebook. Have a listen to some of their tunes on Soundcloud below.

That is the end of the first feature of Haaave you heard. Please leave your comments, concerns and suggestions in the comments bar and I will be sure to make a point on them. Your suggestions of bands or albums for the next feature will also be appreciated, I’m here to write about what is relevant to the readers and not only to myself. Sharing is caring and sexy, hit those buttons!


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