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Haaave you heard: SA Rock legends, Springbok Nude Girls


It’s time for the second addition of the new feature called Haaave you heard! Since the feature focuses on bands and artists that are new to the South African music scene or bands that hasn’t been heard of in a while, I’ve decided to do a piece on the legendary South African rock group out of Cape Town, Springbok Nude Girls. Arno Carstens on lead vocals, Theo Crous on lead guitar, Francois Kruger on Drums, Arno Blumer on Bass and Adriaan Brand.

After making their debut in ‘94, things took off from there and skyrocketed into the homes of thousands of South African fans when they released the first independently produced first album in ‘95. The new sound the band brought to the stage seemed to be something that the fans needed and was, to put it simply, devoured by the fans the band gained in a very short period of time. In 2000 they won the SAMA award for Best Rock Album for the album Surpass the powers.

In 2001 the band decided to go on a hiatus, Arno formed a new band called Nu Porn and launched a very successful solo career which later landed him a song on the Toureg advert for VW, the add ensured massive sales on his debut solo album, an album which also won him a SAMA for the Best Adult Contemporary Album in 2006. The album went on to become the best-selling album Arno ever had in his career.

Theo Crous went on to start his own band, KOBUS! and became one of South Africa’s best music producers, producing music for the likes of Fokofpolisiekar, Karen Zoid and aKING. The wonders of his talents were seen first-hand when he played alongside Chris Cornell, member of Audioslave and Soundgarden, at the 2009 edition of Mycoke Fest. In 2006 the band decided to reunite and is still going on with a surprise performance now and again, and they still do it as good as ever.

To give you an idea of their musical style, check out this music video for their track, Illuminate:

Last night I went to see Francois van Coke and Arno Carstens live at the Parkview Barnyard, and I can without a doubt say the Arno has gained a few years, but he hasn’t lost his status as one of the leading rockers of South African rock. Springbok Nude Girls was, and still is, one South Africa’s most beloved bands out of the 90’s-present.

The band has been confirmed to rock your socks off at Oppikoppi Odyssey, be sure to highlight them on the list of bands to see at this year’s festival.

Please leave your comments, concerns and suggestions in the comments bar and I will be sure to make a point on them. Your suggestions of bands or albums for the next feature will also be appreciated, I’m here to write about what is relevant to the readers and not only to myself. Sharing is caring and sexy, hit those buttons!

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