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Halloween 2019: Here’s your chance to score a double ticket!


It’s Halloween 2019 Competition Time! The event is happening on the 26th of October 2019 in Pretoria. Halloween 2019 features a great line-up of local artists and will be held on the D field at Loftus Versveld.

Halloween 2019 is proudly brought to you by RAM & Griet in association with Budweiser, El Jimador, MyMo and Jack Daniel’s.

Halloween 2019 Line-Up
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In case you missed it, here’s the line-up:

Something Witchy Stage: Fokofpolisiekar, Shortstraw, Fuzigish, Hellcats, ATFN, Zebra and Weed Dealer.

Ghost Busters Stage: PHFat, Grimehouse, Cinimin, Swade Shift, Cornelius, Mutherfukinhype and Mix N’ Blend.

Rocky Horror Stage: Facing The Gallows, Red Helen, Dirty Moonshine, Groinchurn, Truth and It’s Burden, Far From Who We Are and Slashdogs.

Right of Admission is reserved. Please take note that no under 18’s are allowed at this event. Proof of identifitication will be required on request. Please note that only your ID, Driver’s License or Passport will be accepted as proof of identification.

No illegal substances, weapons / firearms, cooler boxes, pets, seating gear / folding chairs / tables are allowed. Food and booze will be on sale at the event, so don’t bring your own with you.

Halloween In Pretoria
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Pre-sold tickets are still available via Howler for only R200. If pre-sold tickets don’t sell out, tickets at the gate will set you back R250.

Buy your tickets HERE (before they sell out) or try your luck in your competition below…

We’re giving away a double ticket to Halloween 2019!

To enter our competition, use the creative side of your brain, leave a comment below and tell us what your idea of the ultimate Halloween costume is.

Take note that our Halloween 2019 competition is NOT open to under 18’s. This competition closes on Monday the 21st of October 2019 at midnight. The winner will be notified in the comment section below on the morning of the 22nd of October 2019.

Watch this space for updates in the Music category on Running Wolf’s Rant.


  1. Considering how hot it is these days, how about a homemade watermelon costume… Watermelons are refreshing!!!

  2. Queen Amadila, Star Wars in her full glory. She doesn’t get enough credit for the amazing outfits and is almost always forgotten when it comes to Halloween dress up, step aside Leia

  3. Here is propably the best halloween costume ever…… Picture this. CAPTAIN BARBOSA HALF HUMAN AND HALF CURSED WITH BLOOD RUNNING OUT OF HIS MOUTH…….. I hope this will tickle your imagination and if i win it will be much appreciated. STAY PIRATE AAAAAARRRRRRGGGG!!!!!!
    Thank you
    Johan Pretorius

  4. ULTIMATE Halloween costume would have to be a foxy female version of Cronenberg Rick (S1E6) from Rick and Morty… Just imagine!!

  5. The thing that I would dress up as is definitely “responsibilities” because that shit is scary But for Halloween I’ve been channeling Disney and Pixar, last year I dressed up as Sadness from “Inside Out” and this year I’m planning Kuzco from “The Emperors New Groove” to bring back some happier times. I need a friend to dress up as Patcha and then -the hill- on which they live

  6. The Ultimate Halloween costume is a sexy triplet affair. It requires 1 male and two females (Preferably hot AF). The two ladies both dress as pumpkins and the dude wears a t-shirt with the word PETER, printed on the front.

    Peter, peter, pumpkin eater.

  7. Get a black morph suit and a shit load of battery operated fairy lights, it will definitely … light up … someone’s night

  8. I’m going as a witch but I’ve managed to persuade my boyfriend to go as my black cat familiar. I’ve convinced him that he’ll look cool and people definitely won’t think he’s my bitch .


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