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This is Halloween…


Happy Halloween! My human and I love this holiday. Once you’ve been in the USA and have experienced the way they do Halloween you can’t help but get excited. Plus once a month we watch “The Nightmare before Christmas” so it goes without saying it is my favorite holiday.

Google decided to make a Doodle for this holiday by adding games. Offices around the world are going to be playing the Halloween games on this Doodle. You help the witch brew her stew by adding a skull, bone, apple or potion yet you can only add two things. This leads to either chasing ghosts out of a haunted house, or carving a pumpkin patch or play with spiders. It’s so MUCH fun!

And before you bitch in my ears about the devil and Satan and all of that stuff just remember that some us like dressing up in costume and scare the crap out of you ‘normal people’. I’m green in colour but I’m sure my vampire outfit will be rocking. Since everyone is going as zombies *yawn* I think something original and old school will work like a charm getting free Jagermeister shots. The word Halloween of Hallows Eve dates to about 1745 and is of Christian origin.

The word means “hallowed evening” or “holy evening” and there is few discussions going on what is the origin behind Hallows Eve. All I know it points me in the direction of a good party where other craze people are dressed up and looking for an excuse to wear excessive make up Check out the doodle on Google today, play a few games, scare the crap out of someone and enjoy the Halloween!

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