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Help Kobus Van Rooyen to Cover his Medical Expenses


Kobus Van Rooyen was in a motorcycle accident on Monday the 9th of September 2019. Funds are being raised to help cover his medical expenses. Van Rooyen needs a hip replacement and a medical procedure on his arm. He also needs to pay doctor’s fees.

Here’s a message from Kobus Van Rooyen

“I’m raising funds to pay for my medical expenses.  My target is R100,000. I was in a bike accident on Monday the 9th of September 2019 and sustained multiple injuries. I need to get an operation to repair my arm and hip. The prosthesis, theatre charges, etc is a whopping R84,000. I also need to pay my doctor’s bills which amounts to just over the R15,000.”

Kobus Van Rooyen Injuries
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The funds will enable Kobus to do his job as a stage manager. He’s one of the best stage managers in South Africa. If you’re a regular music festival attender, chances are that you’ve watched a a show where he was the stage manager. Van Rooyen has stage-managed stages at Oppikoppi, RAMFest, Mieliepop, STRAB and events like Blood Brothers.

Kobus Van Rooyen
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The Backabuddy crowdfunding campaign went live yesterday and R14,295.22 has already been raised towards covering his medical expenses. Funds will be paid directly to the relevant medical practitioners.

If you love live music and you want to help Kobus out, make a donation towards his Backabuddy Campaign HERE.

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