Introducing Holiday Murray


It’s a Saturday night in Assembly and we have an awesome line-up ahead of us, but the one name on everyone’s lips: Holiday Murray. The anticipation was high.

This lovely pic of the boys (from their music video for ‘Jirey’) reminds me of a scene from Flight of the Concords, probably an unnecessary objective piece of non-information but it just makes me love them even more.

James Tuft, Ellis Silverman, Justin Davenport and Chris Carter were absolutely awe-inspiring, as expected. Many fans at the show have never had the privilege of seeing Holiday Murray live, most had only raped their monthly bandwidth time and time again listening to their addictive tunes on Soundcloud.

Holiday Murray

This magnificent foursome really offers a lot of unique sounds and brings a little something different to the table. Now I know most music blogs say this about everyone, but take my word for it! SA Music Zone for one has a million questions to ask the boys about how they got Holiday Murray to where they are today, so stay tuned for a (hopefully in-depth and sometimes even a bit inappropriate) interview.

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Seriously, just look at them, LOOK!

I probably just did this to you but I don’t care.

Holiday Murray 02

If you’re in Gauteng on the 26th of August, make sure to make you way over to Park Acoustics for a bit of Holiday Murray and some Dan Patlansky.

Watch this space for updates in the Music category on Running Wolf’s Rant.


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