How does ASMR Tingle Your Brain?

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a tingling sensation that is pleasant and plays with your brain by giving comely and peaceful feelings. In ASMR sounds, you can count on murmuring, tapping, combing, chewing, water dripping, and tapping.

ASMRtists are working excellently, and these kinds of videos are outgrowing in the YouTube world as well. People love gentle whispers as this helps them feel relaxed, and for some, it is a way to deal with insomnia.

What Are ASMR Sounds?

You might felt a tingling sensation with some everyday things like painting with a brush, having a haircut, or listening to someone murmuring. YouTube is crowded with ASMR content, and many people are addicted to those videos. Everyone gets a trigger with a specific type of sound. Not every trigger work for everyone, and not every sound affects everyone the same way. So, you have to figure out what sounds are relieving and soothing for you.

ASMR Sounds

What Are ASMR Sound Options Available?

Many sounds trigger a sensation in your head, and the related ASMR content is available on the internet. You are offered the following classification of sounds to give you a soothing effect:

Whispering Or Murmuring

The person in the video, i.e., ASMRtist, murmurs slowly and gently in the video, speaking some phrases that you can not make out. Many ASMRtists produce some sound also in the background while whispering. It can be painting or brushing the microphone.

Sounds Of Paper

Some people love the sound of paper, and you might have heard the sounds of smoother magazines or crispy textbook pages. These sounds are also considered ASMR, and this sound is more soothing than a swishing sound of turning pages of an ordinary book.


The most popular ASMR content contains some sort of tapping sounds. Such videos come with a reviving sound of fingernails or fingertips on different surfaces, including glass, bottle, candle, table, or board. Some videos have the sound of keyboard or typewriter keys.


For some people, the sound of a graphite pencil or a fountain pen running across a crispy paper is very soothing and calming. This sound also helps many people in sleeping and relieving anxiety.

Eating Sounds

Many people consider eating sounds like the best ASMR sound. These sounds include eating crispy and crunchy chips, noodles, and slurping. These ASMR sounds are very useful for an insomniac.

Speaking Affirming Phrases

Many people prefer videos that are boosting morale and providing with more personal attention. In such videos, you might listen to some affirming phrases murmured to you for giving appreciation and affirming you that you are safe and protected.

Crispy Sounds

Crisp sounds are also very reviving for people addicted to ASMR videos. These videos come with the sounds of paper crumpling, leaves crunching, or foil scratching.

ASMR Visual Triggers

ASMR content is not limited to audios only, but some visual triggers provide soothing effects. There are ASMR videos without sound and have a compelling tingly nature. These ASMR videos are also beneficial in releasing anxiety and stress. Also, they help you with sleeping peacefully. Such visual triggers may include folding laundry, stroking or purring a pet, small movements like writing, brush strokes on the lens, hair brushing or playing with hair, and paint mixing or blending different colors. These visual triggers are also considered as ASMR content.

How Can ASMR Impact Your Brain?

ASMR sounds are known for their tingling nature, so these sounds have a powerful impact on your brain. The sensation produced in your body does not only makes you feel relax but also gives pleasure. With ASMR, you can feel distinct differences in anxiety reduction, deals insomnia, lowers heart rate, treats loneliness, and minimizes headaches.

Helps In Reducing Anxiety

ASMR sounds to play with your brain in this way that it produces the highest level of positive emotions and reduces the negative feelings by dropping heart rate. It is more like meditating yourself and taking breaths of a festive air. Have you ever experienced a feeling when someone runs fingers in your hair? It gives you a sensation going from your hair to neck, then to your shoulders and back, and your legs. This is how ASMR treats you, and by giving you a tingly sensation, it helps in the reduction of anxiety level.

Deals With Insomnia

There are many people diagnosed with insomnia, and not even sleeping pills could help them. ASMR sounds have a hypotonic effect, and it makes you feel sleepy. So, many people watch ASMR videos to get help in sleeping. Sounds of brushes and soft murmuring sounds are the most appreciated ones for dealing with insomnia.

Lowers Heart Rate

Have you ever watched an ASMR video? If yes, you must have noticed that you feel more relaxed than before. While watching any ASMR content, your heart rate lowers, and the conductivity in your skin increases. This is because a part of your brain gets involved in bonding and lights up your mood.

Treats Loneliness

ASMR sounds have the potential to make you feel most warmed, loved, safe, and comforted. Let us take an example of a mother and a child in a cradle. When a child is in the cradle, he listens to his mother’s sounds, which is when he gets warming and protective sensations. This is how ASMR helps you in treating loneliness.

Equipment Required For Creating ASMR Content

If you are an ASMRtist and think you can make valuable content that can make a difference on YouTube, you must be familiar with the equipment required for creating ASMR valuable content. You can start only it with your mobile phone camera but follow all the protocols of recording peaceful audio. For an ASMRtist, the required equipment includes a video camera, binaural microphone, and quality headphones.


ASMR content knows well how to play with your brain and gives you a soothing and reviving effect. So, if you feel any problem like anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, and headaches, try to go for an ASMR video. It is going to help you, for sure!

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