How Is Technology Changing The Industry Of Ticket Sales?

Ticket sales for events used to require a major investment of both time and money, but with new technological innovation, handling all the important ticket sales tasks to guarantee the success of events has become much easier. Ticket management online has increased efficiencies, save funds, and increased ticket sales for event organizers. Online ticket sales are no more an option for most event managers – it is a necessity!

That is because people don’t purchase event tickets the way they used to anymore. In fact, they don’t pay for most of their products like they used to. Most event attendees today expect to purchase tickets online, and if you lack a system in place to meet that requirement, you will lose on ticket sales.

This does not mean that in-person sales of ticket don’t work anymore. There are still people that purchase tickets at physical offices, but a majority of people will prefer to buy them online because it will be much easier for them and more secure.

Paying for goods and services online is widely used by various industries. According to research, 96 per cent of people with access to the internet have made an online purchase at some point, and 80 per cent have bought something online in the past month.

Online Ticketing

How Technology is Changing the Industry of Ticket Sales

There are several benefits to selling tickets online, particularly e-tickets. With the convenience and ease of online ticket hosting, you can gather more data from your attendees which wasn’t possible when selling from an office. Here are some ways technology is changing the industry of ticket sales:

1. The ability to access the ticketing system from any location

Nowadays, it is not possible to not have an internet connection. Due to this, having an online ticket system for conferences will be best. Having the ability to gain access to your ticketing system from a mobile device or a computer anywhere, and any time makes it easier for event management teams to check sales, adjust prices, and effectively change anything no matter where you are.

2. Better ticket sales

Nobody wants to queue to buy tickets for events, particularly if the event is huge and has a lot of entries. By having online ticket sales, customers have the possibility to buy tickets anywhere and anytime. No more waiting for the house and no more frustration from not able to get the tickets on time. As long as a person can access the internet, they’ll be able to purchase a ticket for your event without any stress.

3. Dynamic pricing

Being able to adjust the price of tickets has always been difficult, especially if you have to recall most of the printed ones and distribute the new batch. With online ticketing, you can change the prices of your tickets easily based on some factors, such as group discount tickets, the number of tickets sold already, and so on.

4. Ticket branding

With the invention of technology, your customers can buy tickets from your personal web page, instead of having to buy them from a ticket seller. Additionally, you can brand the ticket however you want. Not that this isn’t possible with printed tickets, but it takes less time to make digital tickets.

5. Secured payment

When it comes to selling tickets, payment security is always a problem. Making use of an online platform for ticket sales will make it easier for event planners. Such platforms give more security and are better compliant with the latest laws and regulations. You wouldn’t have to worry about fraudulent activities because the entire system will take care of everything.

6. Attendees can buy multiple tickets at once

Depending on the circumstances, you may want to hold an event several times a year. During such instances, you should be able to plan several events and allow your customers to buy tickets for them all at the same time. Instead of having to separately buy tickets for each event, your audience can pay for multiple events using one transaction, saving them time and effort.

The Future of Ticketing

Looking towards the future, it will not be long until ticketing is physically connected to individuals and event venues being accessed with a swipe of a body part. When this is accomplished, paper tickets will be forgotten. An organization or company that gives back to its community is one that needs to get the trust of members of that community. There’s no doubt that businesses depend on the number of customers patronizing them. A satisfied client will surely return for another purchase.

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