How to Balance Life & Work in the Coronavirus Age

How do you balance work and life in this age? It’s a fact that the Coronavirus is emerging as an infectious wave that is sprawling all over the world. It has posed significant challenges to the economic conditions of the country. Ever since the lockdown, the majority of the people have been working remotely or freelancing from their homes. As a result, work-from-home is the new norm.

Significant challenges are faced by the individuals while balancing their work along with their personal lives during these troublesome times. To facilitate social distancing, working remotely has become a necessity instead of a flux. It has umpteen benefits in these hard times. But looking towards the other side of the coin poses great challenges to the individuals as well.

How to Balance Life & Work in the Coronavirus Age 1

This transition may lead you to be stressed out and overworked. Your life may become more complicated, and you may find this new norm difficult to handle. This article has been written to aid you in this regard.

Here are some tips which might help you to achieve the required balance between life and work in the Coronavirus age

1. Fabricate A Dedicated Workspace

A dedicated workspace proffers working vibes. At work, one used to have an office, working area, or cubicle to work at. A similar environment should be created at home to instill the professionalism and seriousness of the business. Creating a workspace acts as a boundary between your personal and work life.

You can make a clear divide by claiming a portion of a specific room in the house. Work within the radius of your desk. Never let personal matters intervene in your working matters. Create healthy boundaries by letting your family members know about this home-office. This restriction would help you in achieving the right balance between your work and life.

2. Formulate A Schedule Or A Routine

Drafting a schedule or routine for your work and household errands would help you strike a balance between them. With a change in the working norms, the schedule would support us in regaining a sense of control. It would ensure that we complete our tasks in an organized way.

The program segregates our household chores and our work errands as well. You can formulate your routine depending upon your lifestyle, your family needs, and your business requirements.

3. Mimic A Commute

The daily routine you used to follow while going to work had its own physical and visual perks like waking up, getting ready, having breakfast, and initiating your commute. Similarly, while returning, you might check your emails, bid goodbye to your co-workers, and again begin your commute back home. But now, these transitional times have been lost. However, you can create these cues for yourself by mimicking the commute.

This process is constructive as these minimal routines help you in keeping a balance between your professional and personal lives. While working remotely, you can incorporate and mimic the commute. Begin the day by freshening up, wear your work clothes, and walk around the house for five minutes before starting your work.

Likewise, you could follow a small routine while ending your day by shutting your laptop and clearing your mails. This transition would help you in achieving a balance between your personal and professional lives. Thus, it would serve you in segregating and stabilizing your life and work.

4. Award Yourself With Regular Breaks

Rewarding yourself with regular breaks is the best way to feel energized. It even improves your mental health. At work, you would often grant yourself with frequent interruptions. These breaks were in the form of a chat with the colleague, a trip to the cafe, or a lunch in the office. But being at home deprives you of such breaks.

Such breaks are indeed necessary, and you must plan them throughout your day. These breaks can be in the form of breaks for meals, coffee, lunch with family, going on a walk, or even performing some minor chores. This not only enhances your mental balance but also makes you more productive than before.

5. Assertive Communication

Proactive communication with your boss and family is critical for balancing your work and life. You should be honest and straight forward about your needs. Tell your family members about your responsibilities and avoid them from disturbing you during workload hours.

Furthermore, you could communicate with your manager in case of work overload. You could both look for solutions together. With effective communication, you could manage tasks and perform errands efficiently.

Disclosure is necessary, especially during the time of social distancing. It helps to develop an understanding of the situation or avoid messy situations as well.

Wrapping Up

A whisk of parenting, running errands, working, and socializing may stress the individuals. According to research, the reality of working from home will see a steep learning curve from the parents. While working at home, there is a very fine line between work life and non-work life.

Thus, it becomes critical to establish a set of rules to maintain this right balance. Crossing this fine line between work life and non-work life may lead to huge losses. This may disrupt the stability between life and work as well. So, we hope you will try to adapt some of the aforementioned tips to achieving the work-life balance during these pressing times.

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