How to prevent Surveillance System Hacks

Security is arguably the most important aspect we have in our mind while getting into things. Although the degree of concern for security does vary, depending on what it is that you’re dealing with. Nevertheless, you find it all the way.

The question is, what are the places that we try to protect the most? For most of us, it is definitely going to be our homes, and then our working spaces.

Surveilance System

But unlike we have seen in sci-fi movies, there are no laser blasters to end the belligerents. Instead, we have security cameras to help us to monitor what is going on. And in case you find something fishy out there, you’ll be able to take an action.

Now, comes security cameras, or as we know them as CCTV cameras in technical lingo. They are something that can serve a lot of different purposes. From monitoring happenings to gathering video evidence of incidents, and everything in between. You name it.

And this is possibly the first line of defense in between you and anybody trying to do you any harm. Plus these are pretty reliable, considering the technologies that we have today. But then, what’s the problem?

How Expert Hackers can Get Control of your CCTV Cameras?

Hackers are one of the most feared kinds of technical people. Precisely because of the damage they can create. And they operate in all sorts of levels to possess the danger that they do. From our case of concern, in hacking the household surveillance systems. All the way to being a threat to national security and everything in between.

As for hacking the CCTV cameras in your home or your office. There are a lot of different means to make that happen. And all of them involve tampering with the IP address of the CCTV camera or cameras around.

Every one of these devices got a securing password to it. Which if one can go through or around, they will have control of the camera. For that, there are different tools like, off the top of my head, the Angry IP Scanner. Since to get control of the camera, you need to break into the IP. This will help you do just that, scanning from a range which you’ll have to put in.

Then after that, put in the necessary configurations for hacking into the camera. And then, the processes will involve scanning the IPs as well as passing through the username and passwords and all that.

And as such these are an absolute cakewalk for an almost proficient hacker to do. As for the geniuses, it’s a breeze.

Also, there are other ways to accomplish this which hackers are well-aware of. And that just adds to the degree of danger that there might be. But, we must do everything in our power to prevent all of this, shouldn’t we? And what better way to ensure that security is good. Than to sign up for the best CCTV Camera Service Provider you can find. That is what I have here in this article, so let’s get on with it.

Preventing your Surveillance Systems from a Catastrophic Hack

I believe, we all understand how serious this thing can be when your privacy is on the line. And the worst thing about this is that you wouldn’t even know about it. Since there can be no obvious sign in the case that your surveillance system is under the compromise.

You wouldn’t know who is watching what in your living space, and when. A perfect scenario for those tech-savvy burglars, who want to go about their business. No pun intended.

That is why taking steps to prevent any mishap of this sort is your responsibility. And you’ll have to do it the right way. Or else, there are potent break-arounds. So, in this article, I have listed the most effective ways in which you can safeguard your surveillance systems.

Set Better Passwords

Consider this the first and the most fundamental step to secure your surveillance cameras. It is to set a good password for the device. And also for the connection network with it. Now, it is necessary to define what I mean by a ‘good’ password in this case.

A good password for your surveillance camera means one which will be virtually un-matchable. For that to happen, it will be best you bring in as much variation as you can. In terms of using smalls and caps randomly for the alphabets. Throwing in some numerals in there and permutations and combinations of all of these.

Because believe it or not, after a hacker detects the IP of the camera and reaches the system login page. They try to guess and figure out the password with mental brute force. That is why set better passwords in the ways I mentioned. Also, keep changing it often if you can.

Make your Wireless Network More Secure

To get the footages from the surveillance cameras straight to your system. You need to connect that to the wireless internet network that you use. That way, you’ll be able to see what the camera is seeing.

But it is through this wireless network, that your surveillance system can also be vulnerable to hacking. So, you’ll need to look into securing that network as well.

To do that, there is always the ever effective WPA2 encryptions, with using uncrackable passwords. Familiarity with all the latest web security methods of the time will definitely help.

Also, it is a good practice to disable the guest network features and monitor network usages. These things are the closest to ideal, and as such not always the most pragmatic of measures.

That is why using a separate network with your surveillance systems is the best way to go. One in with which you’ll be able to adopt all the security measures to prevent hacking.

Accessing the Feed from Public Networks – A Big No No!

This is also a very common mistake that people make, which can prove to be quite costly. Like I said, if you want to access the video feed from your CCTV cameras. Always use a secure network connection for that.

Public networks are a lot less secure and thus it will be much easier for the dishonest to hack into. So this step is nothing technical, just a bit of being cautious on your part. And that will decrease the likelihood of a hacker getting access to the video feed from that camera.

Avoid Remote Monitoring for the Most Part

This is a cool new technological trend where with an app from your mobile device. You’ll be able to access the video feeds from your CCTV cameras from anywhere. This might be an absolute marvel if you have a recalcitrant pet at home.

Or just want to check from time to time, if little Johnny is doing his homework or not. It’s all good, but not all safe.

But this leaves the security issue totally exposed in front of hackers and people with evil intent. This can give them the right window of opportunity to hack into the camera. Thus, wreak havoc in any which way they can, as they might want to.

So, try and avoid this thing unless it is absolutely necessary for you to use. And always maintain a fair degree of caution while using these. Be wary of the necessary cyber security protocols to be on the safe side.

Keep the Surveillance System Firmware Up to the Date

This is a general cautionary step, not only for keeping your surveillance systems secure. But for any other device in general. Updates take care of the security aspect of a device as well. Thus, keeping it in accordance with the latest technology of the day.

And this is especially the case for surveillance devices like the CCTV cameras. Where the updates will positively make it more secure than otherwise.

So, always make sure to go and get the latest updates for the CCTV camera system firmware. As soon as you get them, the better it is for you.

Know the Ins and Outs of the Device you Use

You use a surveillance camera because you care about the safety of yourself, your family and your belongings. So, a little bit of time out of your schedule to figuring out the necessary details. Also, some tricks and techniques of such a device are definitely in order.

A good place to start is to go through the user manual thoroughly to find things out. Also, if you get the device from a reliable source, like a premier brand or so. Then you will have customer support to attend to all that. And in general, it is best to invest a good amount for a critical device like this. So that you can get the best, most secure service out of it, without much hassle.

So, I recommend you look into this issue and thus maintain safety.

Some Words on this Matter…

To conclude, let me say that there have been many cases of surveillance system hacks around the world. And it has affected people to various degrees. You can look for all of that if you want to. But taking steps to secure your surveillance systems is more of a prescription than a suggestion. And more than that, it might also end up capturing someone’s good deed instead of all doom and gloom.

To add up, the fact that hacking is getting more and more sophisticated by the day. It will be best for you to do what you can to keep your place safe. What I have listed here more or less covers all the aspects.

But still, take responsibility and be on the lookout. And if you’re a would-be hacker reading this, acknowledge the error of your ways and stop.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Hacks category on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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