5 Exceptional Ways to rebuild a drowning website

Do you have a website that you started of passion, but it is dying now? Website drifting can happen if proper measures are not taken now and then. To remain in the limelight in the field of SEO, one has to make it optimized accordingly. There are multiple reasons why a website fails to achieve the goal that it has been built for.

It can be poor maintenance, or the website is built by taking into account all factors of a successful website. Sometimes the owner did not have that dedication that it is required to run a full fledge website business.  There can also be an accident or financial reality that can hit the website.

There is no second opinion on the fact that earning money through the website is also a kind of a full-time job. It requires constant maintenance. You have to make sure that it is getting the traffic that it deserves in comparison with its competitors.

Drowning Website

Competition in the industry with too many rivals would require a distinction from your brand. A rival better at collecting the audience would imply your company will have to work harder to win back the customer. You can even figure out where the problem is at. You may not produce sufficient leads, or you might be generating leads, but transitions would not happen.

There are hundreds of places that a site or online marketing could have gone wrong. You can quickly adjust it if you can find it. Sure, a step like this will not have an instant impact on enhancing your metrics but you’re likely to witness a turn in the tide in a few weeks to be able to discuss.

With each passing day, we can observe that the internet is filled with websites that are dying and disappearing from the scene. If you have one of such sites and looking to buy a new one. There is no need for that. You can adopt some new ways in which the old drowning websites can be revived.

How can you revive a drowning website?

It all depends on how long your website has been inactive. One way of doing that is search engine optimization. There are simple practices that can be opted like adding keywords and building backlinks which can help boost a website. If you see the ranking of the website declining, one complicated way of doing that is to perform an SEO audit.

What is an SEO audit?

This is the procedure of the analysis of the online presence of the website. This audit is spread into three parts, one is technical SEO, off-page SEO, and on-page SEO. these categories briefly tell what areas of the website require the improvement. The comprehensive look of the website should be part of the website checking.

1. Add relevant backlinks

It does not matter if your content is relevant or not unless you have the trust between the audience and search engines. It is very important to have the authority in the niches of the content which is presented in the blog. Google search engine will consider the website authentication if it has the relevant and authentic backlinks on the website. These external and external backlinks will earn the website more traffic than any other way.

For that, multiple programs help you generate the best backlinks for your website. We would recommend you try the Prepostseo backlink generator. This tool is specifically designed to make the website search engine optimized. This is the organic way of adding the backlinks to your website with high DA PA.  There is no effort needed whatsoever, to generate these backlinks and it produces the natural, relevant, and trustworthy website as a result. However after generating backlinks user can also check DA PA and spam score using online tool.

2. Relevancy and clarity in the content is the key

Always remember that Google only responds to the relevant content. If your website does not contain the content that is relevant to the customer’s query. The website results would not pop up in this situation. One way of making it relevant is by adding keywords. Also, websites are constantly under the observation that which ones are creating the content relevant to the search queries. This way they arrange the websites in the search engines.

There is a complicated algorithm that websites have to deal with, but the simple equation is that clarity in the content tremendously improves the ranking of the drowning websites. It also improves the experience of the users.

3. Accessibility of the content

Another factor that improves the user experience and as well as traffic is the accessibility of the content. In some ways, what user experience, while he is visiting the website, is the heart of the website and it can decide the fate of the website. The information presented in this section of the website will help decide the google whether it deserves the place in the ranking or not.

If there is any type of conflicting information, it can confuse the user as well as search engines. This way no one can save the website from drowning. The ranking in the search engines is related to the on-page SEO and technical SEO.

4. Mobile optimization

Today is the age of digitalization. Ninety percent of the consumers use mobile phones to get the information and for browsing the website. There is no way that person is going to spend enough time on the website if it is not mobile optimized.

It makes the user experience very smooth and hassle-free. Make sure that your website loads in less than 3 seconds. As the survey shows that more than this time the user reverts to some other Website. The image in this way does not appear to be good in Google search engines.

There is no doubt that captivating content is the key to getting more traffic on the website. Hence it can save the drowning website from dying.

5. Social media marketing

Social media marketing is as important as having a website. One reason that your website might be dying because you have not done social media marketing at all or not enough. There are top trending websites that have to adopt this weapon. Most of the websites do not operate through social media but because their targeted audience spends half of their time on these websites. So, it has become also necessary for the websites to have their marking team up on their toes on social media platforms.


Quick SEO can be performed to check the optimization of the website. This will help you to eliminate the issues on the website also the factors which are drowning the website. The accommodation of the quality techniques of SEO optimization will certainly improve the rankings.

A few of the steps which are described above should be followed to boost the websites. These are marketing through social media whether it is through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. There is no hard and fast rule and the rule should be that whatever floats your boat. Most and foremost thing is adding backlinks to your website. There are many tools for this, one had already discussed above. These are free to use and generate excellent results.

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