How to Sniff Out a Fake Online Casino

Not sure if you’re gambling on a Fake Online Casino site? Find out how you can fish them out. It’s a fact that with the rise of online casinos and gambling (먹튀검증 사이트) in the last few years, there has been a lot of disturbances in the market.

Even though it has changed to benefit the player, the use of social media has allowed tricksters and scammers to promote fake online casino platforms. They will spin tales about incredible winnings and huge bonuses, but they will never return your money if you win.

Fake Online Casino

Because they can steal and copy games from other websites, you won’t even know that you are playing into nothing and that all of your money has already been taken.

But, there is a solution. For one, there are independent websites that comb the internet for legitimate and licensed casino platforms and rank their bonuses and benefits. Using these instead of social media is always a good idea.

Also, there are some tricks on how you can notice fake casinos regardless of how you come to it. There are points where fake providers wouldn’t be able to follow as not to expose themselves legally or physically.

Social Media Hunting

If you find someone on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter showing off wads of cash and saying how they won it in some casino, that would be 100% a fake. Mostly because online gambling money sends your winnings digitally to your bank account, and doesn’t pay out in cash.

These ‘lifestyle’ accounts are usually made by scam artists to entice young people into spending money. They will often have a minimal entry payment like 2000 Rands to even start playing.

A real casino would accept 50 Rands if you want to play, or even less. As spins start at 1 Rand, there is no need for them to ask for more at a time. They will entice you to pay more with a bonus, but never force you to do so

Here are 5 ways you can spot a Fake Online Casino:

1. No License, No Deal

Quick and easy rule. If the online casino doesn’t have a license from a reputable commission, you should not play or gamble on their website. Not only can it be fake, but it could also be a front for financing something even more sinister, and you don’t want to be connected in any way with such establishments.

By visiting the Fabulous Online Casino website, you can see which platforms and providers have a license and from where, as they will not list any without one. Stay away from Fake Online Casinos.

2. Demand Fast Withdrawals

If you are unsure about a platform, pay in a small amount, and test the withdrawal speed. Servers and banking processors for legitimate gambling sites are made by certified third parties and money will be in your account in minutes if not seconds.

If you can’t pay in just a little sum or don’t get your money in more than a day, it is probably a scam.

3. Do They Give Demo Games?

Real online gambling websites will give something they call a ‘no deposit bonus’, even if there isn’t an outright demo account.

Because they can allow you to test games and find the one you like, in hopes to get you as a regular customer, you will be allowed some fictional money before you even give a cent of your own cash.

If there is no such option, the platform is probably predatory and want’s to hook you up before you realize you are scammed.

4. Is Bitcoin Allowed?

This is not the biggest red flag, as some online casinos don’t yet use crypto regularly. But, those who do are most often legitimate. Fake Online Casinos will most likely not be allowing Bitcoin.

Crypto wallets connected with bad activity are quickly flagged and expelled from the currency exchanges, making it impossible to scam a lot of people with them. So, even if you don’t plan to bet or gamble with crypto, you should look up if the platform allows it.

5. The Lack of Sports Betting

Sports betting providers are a huge business, especially when it comes to things like football, basketball, or cricket. The licensers are extremely strict and quick to react if someone is making unlicensed bets and will break down that website in days.

That is why you should check out if the website offers some sort of sports betting even if you are interested in spinners and card games.

Now, some websites simply won’t offer such a thing because they don’t have adequate licenses for sports betting in particular. But, if they do, you can be fairly certain that they are a legitimate platform.

Play Smart

Once you find a good platform to play games and wager a bit of money, you should still play smart. Games are fun and should be used as entertainment. You should set your bankroll to an amount that suits you and don’t overextend.

If you are calm and collected and gamble responsibly, you will be able to take in all of the bonuses, have a great time, and maybe even win some good money.

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