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How to write a Successful Indie Music Press Release


If you’re wanting to create some buzz and get some media coverage for your indie band, then it’s time to write a press release.

Press releases are a huge part of online marketing, and they’re not just for businesses. Properly done, a press release for your band can have a huge impact. Keep reading to find out how to write a successful indie music press release.

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When should you use a press release?

Do you know when it’s appropriate to send out a music press release? You can issue one any time you would like to notify the media about something, but it’s best to use them sparingly. Send out a press release when you would like to announce a new album, have an upcoming show, sign with a new label, or are embarking on a tour.

“Before you create your press release, do your homework and find out what media sources typically publish band press releases. See if you can find some press releases these media outlets have previously published and use them as examples,” advises Ina Chatman, press release writer at Research Paper Help.

Have an attention grabbing subject line

If your press release doesn’t have an interesting subject line in the email, it might not even be looked at. People in the media receive a ton of email, so if you have a lame subject line like “Cool local band press release” you might be out of luck. Try and be a bit more specific than that.

Do you have an awesome new single to announce? Maybe you’re going to be playing your first show in a long time? Include these kinds of details in your subject line and your email is much more likely to be read.

Details, details, details

Maybe you think it’s cool to make your band as mysterious as possible. While a little mystique might go over with your fans, your press release needs to include all the necessary information. If you’re performing or going on tour remember to include where things are happening.

Be sure to include links to all your relevant social media so that the journalist can check it out if they want more information. Writers are busy people and don’t want to be looking all over for your info, so make it easy on them.

Your intro paragraph

Your introductory paragraph should cover the who, what, where, when, and why. A person should be able to get the main details in this paragraph; if they decide to read on great, if not, at least they have the basic information. Write concisely with short, punchy sentences. Leave the reader wanting more.

The second paragraph

In your second paragraph you can get into some of the things that make your indie band unique. You could talk about the new single you’re releasing and give them an idea of what your sound is like. List off your dates if you’re going out on tour. Give the writer some material they can use to tell a quick story about your group.

Try out some online tools for help

A lot of people don’t realize they need help with their writing. When you’re sending out a press release you need to be persuasive and polished with your writing. Here are some resources that can help:

1. MyWritingWay and WritingPopulist – Use these grammar resources to check over your writing before you send anything out. Grammar can be tricky, so don’t risk leaving a mistake in there, get some help.

2. AustralianHelp and Assignment Service – These online proofreading tools, recommended by AustralianReviewer, are great for making sure you haven’t left in a typo. Even one mistake can make you look like an amateur and hurt your chances.

3. SimpleGrad and LetsGoandLearn – Check out these blogs, they are chock full of useful tips on how to improve your writing.

4. OXEssays and Academized – These editing tools are perfect for creating a flawless press release and have been reviewed by OXEssays review. Editing your own work is tricky, so get some extra help.

Wrapping up

Your conclusion should be the easiest part to write. Let the writer know how they can access your promotional materials and more info. Give them your email and phone number (or the contact info of the person who will be speaking with the media if that’s not you). Remember to keep things short and sweet; don’t waste their time.


Writing a press release can seem a bit daunting if you haven’t done it before, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Start with a good subject line and an introductory paragraph that lays out all the necessary details. You can expand a bit more in your second paragraph, but don’t ramble, keep things short and sweet.

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