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Hows about those New Years Resolutions?


January has come and gone and we have somehow managed to survive the hecticness of December 2014. We have scraped through the month financially and as we let go of any of the baggage from 2014, it is safe to say 2015 is officially upon us.

The gyms will start getting emptier and diets will become a thing of the past, as some people forget about their New Years resolutions. Another New Years resolution people often struggle to maintain is balancing of all areas of your life. Dialdirect, the insurance company, wants to help you maintain these resolutions and make your life easier.

Who can say they haven’t felt like the mom in the ad above? Often we find ourselves, our time and our energy consumed by things like watching too much TV or send Candy Crush invites to our friends on Facebook (which are ultimately of no value to us in the long run).

I’m not usually one to make New Years resolutions, but at the end of 2014 I actually made a conscious decision to focus on things and people that make happy and feel good in 2015 and cut out all the negative things in my life. So far this has been going great. I arrived back in Gauteng after a 1.5 week holiday in the Western Cape on Tuesday.

This trip may have left a dent in my pocket, but it was great catching up with all of my Pretoria friends who have moved to Cape Town and to rock out at Up The Creek Festival for a second time. Let’s hope I can keep these positive vibes flowing for the rest of 2015. Life is too short to be pissed off and negative all the time.

Dialdirect has always had a customer-centric approach since their launch in 2003. 2015 see’s them reiterate their focus on the needs of the consumer. Insuring with Dialdirect will help you keep to your New Years resolutions, making life easier so you can have more time to spend on the things you love.

What are you going to do with all your extra time?

Dial Direct. Insurance Made Easy.

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