7 Signs That You Are a Hunger Games Fan

The first Hunger Games book came out in 2008 ad the first movie hit the cinemas around the world in 2012. But I guess… You have already known that! If you have stumbled across this article and its title has caught your eye, it is safe to say you consider yourself to be a Hunger Games fan and are just looking for ways to confirm it!

To be fair, I cannot blame you! We are all guilty of falling for Katniss and Peeta, rooting for Gale and crying over Finnick’s death. Oops! A spoiler! Wait, actually, no! It has been over five years now, you must have found out by now. Especially if you claim you are a fan!

Hunger Games

Over the years, the trilogy has managed to get astonishing recognition and unite a lot of fans around the globe. The first movie was a success becoming the highest-grossing non-sequel opening in history after grossing $214 million worldwide.

However, it was just the beginning! By the year 2014, when the last part of the series, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, came out it grossed a worldwide total of $658.3 million. Why? Because of the devoted fans around the world, of course! People were queueing outside of the cinemas just to be the first ones to see miss Jenniffer Lawrence shoot arrows for one last time. It was truly legendary!

Today, almost seven years later, the hype around the series has calmed down a bit. Fair enough, we as a society have progressed past the need to over-indulge in antiutopian novels. No? Just me? Okay! Anyways, it is 2020, we now live in an antiutopian novel ourselves! The Coronavirus Games: may the odds be ever in your favour. Too soon?

On a serious note, though, it could be thanks to the pandemic and the numerous lockdowns that have significantly slowed down the pace of the society that we have reverted back to our middle-school years and pulled all-nighters just to find out how a book ends! Perhaps, the coronavirus has helped us to regain our long-lost love for young adult masterpieces. Or, maybe, it never disappeared in the first place.

One way or another, if you identify yourself as a Hunger Games fan, you can most likely relate to the following seven things.

1.  You Have At Least a Couple of Extravagant Pieces of Clothing In Your Wardrobe

While this is not directly related to being a Hunger Games fan (quite possibly, you are just a fashion icon or an edgy fashion-forward person), there is still a chance for a slight correlation between the two. If you ever watched the saga movies (which you must have if you are a true fan), you could not have helped but been phased by the scandalous and quirky outfits the Capitol locals would wear.

Back in the day, those seemed to be a little too weird for everyone’s liking. Today, on the other hand, it is not rare to see some bright and bold outfits on the streets. In fact, the Capitol fashion is quite literally what you see on the streets of Paris, London and New York during the fashion week days.

However, even if you are not a regular fashion week guest, your obsession with Hunger Games must have made itself known some other way. Perhaps, you have a particularly soft spot for bright statement colours, sheer fabrics and lots of glitters. Alternatively, you could be a funky hair connoisseur! Have you ever had a hair dye addiction? We can place our bets on you dying your hair colour too bright at least once after being inspired by Effie Trinket.

And even if these details have not made their way into your regular everyday style, it is almost guaranteed you have an item or two just hanging in your closet after you went out as someone from the Hunger Games for Halloween a couple of years ago.

2.  You Own the Hunger Games Merch

Another telltale sign of someone being a Hunger Games fan is whether they own the Hunger Games merch or not. It could be anything starting with pendants to branded cups and tees, ending with the OG Hunger Games must-have.

Back in the day, if you had the Mockingjay brooch or pin, you were the real one. There is a good reason for it being the most recognised Hunger Games piece. It is subtle, rather elegant and it actually made an appearance in the movies! It is everything a good piece of token merchandise has to be.

However, we have got bonus points for the real die-hard fans! If you happen to have a Hunger Games related tattoo… Congrats, you have officially made it to the list of The Hunger Games fans!

3.  You Have a Detailed Plan of How You Would Win the Hunger Games If You Ever Were Chosen As a Tribute

We all know the Hunger Games are not real (not yet at least), so we are relatively safe. However, it has not stopped the real fans from planning out their exact strategy to win the Hunger Games. Perhaps, you do it at night before you go to bed, every now and then or just once in a while… It does not really matter. If you ever thought about volunteering to be a tribute (or being chosen to be one), and then went on to imagine a full-blown scenario of you partaking in the Games, you are hundred per cent a fan.

Bonus points if you actually took up a life skills class to make sure you have a valuable skill that will help you to survive. Either that would be archery (a subtle yet cheeky nod to miss Everdeen), camouflage or something else that would save your life or at least help you go into hiding and stay fed and hydrated, you are definitely a Hunger Games nerd!

It is not a bad thing, though! At least you now have what it takes to survive an apocalypse. Or at least keep your mind cold when you’re doing risky yet rewarding things online.

4.  You Have Watched All the Movies the Cast of the Hunger Games Starred In

This one is a given. You love The Hunger Games so much you cannot get enough of your favourite actors. Some of you move on to their other projects. It is particularly great if you are a Jennifer Lawrence fan as well! She has an extensive list of movies.

5.  You Have Read the Entire Saga. At Least Twice

You can’t really be a fan if you only watched the movies. To be the real one, you need to have read the books. Twice. At least! And maybe even have attempted to read it in a language other than the one you normally speak. Even if you failed, you still tell everyone you love The Hunger Games so much you have read it in a language you don’t speak. Impressive!

Hunger Games

Chances are, after a while, you have got to the point where you can quote the books word by work off by heart. That’s when you must have moved to fan fiction. That’s the grey area, we won’t go into much more details. But you know exactly what I am talking about if it was a part of your life once or is one. Bonus points if you not only read fanfics but have written something yourself!

6.  The Hunger Games Soundtrack Was Your Phone Ringtone At Some Point

No shade here, those are absolute bops! Plus, you need to show the world you are a fan. However, it is a surefire sign of you being one if you were obsessed with the music from the movies.

“Rue’s Farewell” or “Rue’s Whistle Song” are both great! But I’m almost hundred per cent positive that it is the Hanging Tree (perhaps, the techno remix? That one was sick!) that you liked the most and listened to regularly.

Bonus points if you are still blasting Michael Bibi’s remix of ‘The Hanging Tree’ at parties. It goes hard!

7.  You Are Team P or Team G

That’s it. No further explanation. If you know what I am talking about, you are a Hunger Games fan. If you don’t… How did you even get this far through this article without it not making any sense?!

For real, though. If you are a fan, you must have picked sides at least once. Even if you are not invested in the romantic storyline, you absolutely must have a preference. It is either you see Katniss be with Peeta or you see her marrying Gale. There is no other option given. The only other option is that you are Kinnick shipper. If that’s the case… I am sorry, really.

It might be that you don’t tick all the boxes but being a fan is not a competition! If you think you love The Hunger Games, you probably do! May the odds be ever in your favour!

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