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The Importance of Being Earnest


My thanks go out to the Absinthe-swigging spirit of Oscar Wilde for granting me temporary stewardship over this title. I do, however, apologise for the impression that might arise from reading the title – there can never be another Oscar Wilde. And I don’t presume to walk in the footsteps of his masterful text in a manner worthy of his attention. With that said, his attention would come as a surprise as his cold corpse has for years been interred.

Hello my name is Menzi and I think too much, and not quite enough.

The absence of fear renders a man (and woman) foolish, callous and dangerous. Many seek courage by displacing fear – very few succeed, if any at all. I believe it was Ambrose Redmoon who said, “Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.” Today we fear very little, and we stand to lose [almost] everything. Our saving grace is our propensity for spiraling into a pit of regret and feigned penance.

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We do not fear loss for fear in its own mind is  weakness. Today I want to learn lessons that only tomorrow professes to be able to teach. Today I want to fear loss (not just the fear of losing my mind). Today I fear loss…

For fear of losing all you whom are dearest to me, I shall learn to value you more – though at times it may never be quite so obvious or public. This is an apology that I shall continue making until you believe that I am being earnest. I implore you to fear not that I do not love you nor appreciate you. But appreciate with a certain uncertainty that I, indeed, do love and value you more than I can express. A love without uncertainty seldom works hard at proving its worth.

Please believe that the uncertainty is my own in that I cannot be sure whether I love you without too much fear. It is because of this uncertainty that I will try harder to show you my appreciation and adoration. A fear of not having you near.

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I believe this to be the importance of being earnest. As you were…

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