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Incubus – Adolescents (Music Video)


Incubus are back with a new single entitled Adolescents. Incubus are an alternative rock / alternative metal / funk rock band out from Calabasas, California in the United States. They were formed in 1991. The current members of Incubus are Brandon Boyd, Mike Einziger, Chris Kilmore, Ben Kenney and Jose Pasillas. Adolescents is taken off their upcoming If Not Now, When? album which is apparently going to be released in July 2011. The music video for the song was released on YouTube on the 27th of April 2011. If Not Now, When? will be the band’s 7th studio album.

Their last album was released in 2006 and was entitled Light Grenades. This song is bound to do good on the Billboard rock chart and their new album is one of the most anticipated releases of 2011 (in my humble opinion). So far the band has had 4 number 1 singles, Drive (in 2001), Megalomaniac (in 2004), Anna Molly (in 2006) and Love Hurts (in 2008). Incubus are definitely one of my favorite international acts and I would not mind seeing them perform live. They have not toured South Africa yet (something that promoters should take notice of in my opinion). I’m absolutely loving the new single and I’m sure that there are many out there that will too.

This is the music video for Adolescents:

What do you think of this song? Do you think my taste in music sucks, or not? Feel free to comment on this post and let the readers of Running Wolf’s Rant know what you think. The previous song that was featured on this blog was My Name by The December Streets, feel free to check it out. Watch this space for regular updates featuring Songs on this blog. Also watch this space for updates in the Daily Babe and Daily Cool Photo sections on this blog. A large chunk of the posts on the blog feature South African bits and pieces, so feel free to check them out. There’s TV Adverts, Songs, Funny Clips, Movie Trailers, Funny Pictures, Photo Albums and more.

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