5 Instagram Strategies to Boost Sales

What are the best Instagram Strategies to boost sales? Don’t stress, today I’ll answer this question in detail. Instagram ranks second most popular social networking site worldwide. This famous visual-first platform has an astonishing 1 billion+ active monthly users who share at least 500 million Instagram Stories daily.

This makes it one of the most lucrative marketing areas for small and large businesses alike. According to a report by Oberloh, around 71% of businesses in the US use Instagram as one of their major marketing tools.

Instagram Strategies

However, is it worth your time? Are you hesitant to jump on the Instagram marketing bandwagon? Then answer is a profound yes! Because:

  • There are more than 140 million Instagram users in the US
  • Instagram is second only to Facebook in the most-accessed social media site globally
  • The average age group of over 45% of Instagram users is between 18 and 44 years
  • Around 90% of Instagram users follow at least 1 business account
  • More than 83% users have found a new product or service only through Instagram

This is clear proof that Instagram is not just a personal app. It has now become a global platform that lets brands make impactful, humanizing content, discover new talent, highlight more products and inspire the audience.

Top 5 Instagram Strategies to Boost Sales

Now that you’ve seen just how much potential the platform holds for online marketing, let’s take a closer look at the best 5 Instagram strategies to boost sales:

1. Set your goals straight

Here’s a question to ask before posting marketing content on Instagram: “Why are we on Instagram?”

Although the obvious answer may seem because it’s popular worldwide, this is simply not enough for a long-term marketing strategy. You will need to justify the amount of effort and resources you will need to invest for a successful Instagram marketing plan.

There’s no ideal answer to this question. However, if your answer contains the need to connect with the right target audience and boost sales through incredibly innovative visual storytelling, then it’s the correct once. You probably need to leverage Instagram through sharing portfolio content so followers can be updated with your latest products or services. You could choose Instagram simply to create brand awareness using motivational posts or even share user-generated content to ensure reliability of your product.

2. Identify your target Instagram audience

It is important to reach your target audience even before you launch your marketing campaign on the platform. It’s good to have additional marketing strategies running and connect these to the new campaign for continuity. You need to identify your target audience based on their age, gender, location, motivations, income and weaknesses.

3. Perform a competitive analysis

Once you have determined your target audience, it is advisable to perform a competitive analysis to keep updated with the efforts of other marketers within your industry. You can simply review your competitor’s Instagram profile or search for business-related terms to find potential competitors’ profiles.

This also helps you identify their best content and the trending hash-tags.

4. Build brand consistency

Never put random or irrelevant content because it will simply act to confuse your target audience. This may even cause you to lose followers. Always maintain a consistent brand image using your Instagram profile. Imagine your brand’s ideal personality and stick to it for every marketing campaign and ad.

For instance, if you are into lifestyle and fashion, then you can create a quirky, cool brand image. On the other hand, if you sell luxury items, you might want to create a more elegant and lusher brand image on Instagram.

5. Expand your follower base on Instagram

It takes immense time and energy to grow your following on Instagram. You might be tempted to simply buy followers, but please don’t do it. This will not help you drive engagement in any way when you need maximum views at your posted content.

According to expert Instagram influencers, you can grow your following on Instagram by:

1. Creating a simple, easy-to-remember username

2. Optimize your profile

3. Post frequently, at least 10 times a day

4. Start following interesting accounts, especially those that are relevant to your business

5. Interact with your followers frequently

These steps can help grow your brand awareness among thousands of potential new consumers on Instagram.


A successful Instagram strategy to boost sales requires you to know the targeted audience, keep them engaged with meaningful, engaging content and ensure you stick to the marketing script through thick and thin.

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