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Interesting Tweople: Alex Caige


Today the Interesting Tweople section on Running Wolf’s Rant features @AlexCaige (of Tuks FM fame). Besides being one of the best DJs at the only rock station in South Africa and being revered for his excellent skills as a master of ceremonies, he also has the ability the rip up the dance floor when he’s let loose on the decks at some top venues around the capital city and its neighbors in Gauteng. Having met @AlexCaige I’d say that he’s a charming young man with a bright future ahead of him.

Running Wolf’s Rant recently had the privilege of interviewing @AlexCaige. This is what he had to say:

How long have you been DJing? Well, club DJ-ing I’ve been doing for around 3 years now but have always played around on digital DJ programs on the PC since I started high school, Radio DJ-ing I’ve been on air since 2008 and learning to love it more and more every day, how often do you get to make a tart of yourself in front of thousands of people and at the same time make your opinion heard?

Would you call yourself a Twitter / Social Media addict? I don’t doubt it for a second, I take a line every time before I go on air…oh wait…what…Twitter not TUK? Jokes, don’t do drugs kids stay in school, but yeah I am a mad addict when it comes to social media, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WhosWhoSA…it’s all there and on my phone!

What is the funniest thing that you’ve experienced on Twitter? Posting a picture and video of one of the other DJ’s at the radio station snoring while taking a nap at the radio station, no names mentioned, but you could probably find the picture of him somewhere still on the internet if you looked hard enough!

What are you currently working on? Well studies are still playing an important role in my life and will until I get that special piece of paper, but that being said, it doesn’t take away the fact that I work till late almost every night on either stuff for my radio show or making a living by DJ-ing in top clubs in and around Pretoria. I also play a very active role in one of the, and probably the most successful DJ groups (United DJ’s) in Gauteng.

You have the ability to drink a lot of tequila. What is your secret? Aren’t my parents reading this??? To be honest I can’t really answer that, there is a secret league of extraordinary men (and women {gender equality is real folks}) that have mastered the ways of our teacher “Uncle Jose Cuervo”. He appears quite often at parties and although sometimes he leaves with a bad taste lingering in your mouth you just eventually learn to love him and tolerate his awesomeness! I’ll introduce you sometime if you ever bump into me while we out and show you what a nice time you can actually have with the guy!

Running Wolf’s Rant would like to take this opportunity to thank @AlexCaige for taking the time to do this interview with us. We wish him al the best with his future endeavours. You can follow him on Twitter: @AlexCaige. And you read his blog: http://alexcaige.blogspot.com/.

The previous person to be featured in the Interesting Tweople section on the blog was @BarryTuck (from Durban). Watch this space for future interviews with Interesting Tweople on Running Wolf’s Rant. The Technology, Babes, Events, Facts, Gaming, Humor, Music, Movies, Opinion, Photography, Sport and Television categories are also updated here constantly. Feedback on any post is appreciated and welcome here.

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