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Interesting Tweople: Braaiboy


Having met this Pretoria / Centurion based interesting individual I can proudly say that @BraaiBoy (Gareth Daniell) has become one of my good friends over the last few months. He’s probably one of the nicest people I’ve met via Twitter since I started meeting folks from the popular micro-blogging service in August 2010 (at Oppikoppi). Since the 17th of April 2009 @BraaiBoy has been braai-ing every single day.

Come rain or shine you’ll find him around a fire at least once a day (sometimes more if he’s on holiday). And he’s receiving recognition / notoriety for it. BraaiBoy has almost 19,000 fans on the BraaiBoy Facebook fan page. You might have spotted him at the Boobs, Beer and BraaiBoy event and the The Dudes of Hazard event at Aanklas Hatfield over the last few months. I attended both events, and at the last one I overheard someone asking him “Are you Superman?” after seeing BraaiBoy in his outfit (which made my laugh I might add). You can check out the BraaiBoy Website for more information about him. He’s also quite active on Twitter, which makes him worthy of being featured in the Interesting Tweople section on Running Wolf’s Rant today.

We recently had the honor of interviewing @BraaiBoy, this is what he had to say:

How did you come up with the BraaiBoy concept? It started off as a dare: A dare to braai every day for a year. Once the year was up, I was having so much fun and so many people found the story entertaining that I decided to carry on (indefinitely).

Are you a Social Media addict and if so how deep does your addiction go? That’s a tough one. I love making new friends and chatting to all the older ones on Twitter and FaceBook and check in on what’s happening at least 3 or 4 times a day. But when I see how busy some other people are on these networks, I feel like an ‘unworthy addict’. So yes, I’m an addict, but not a very active one – if that makes any sense?

What is the funniest thing you’ve ever experienced on Twitter? I was live tweeting a guy through a ‘braai emergency’. The dude was having some trouble getting his fire going and I remember tweeting some advice thinking “is this actually for real?”. Turns out it was. And then of course there was the time that @KirstyBisset flashed me for being her 2000th follower.

Who are your favorite people on Twitter? My favourite ‘real people’ (that I’ve actually met because of Twitter) would be @hennokruger, @BaasDeBeer and @LadyRockerSA. Then some of my favourite accounts to follow include @SexCigarsBooze @FunnyOneLiners @ShitMyDadSays and recently @TheHoyBoy.

Exactly how many days in a row have your braai-ed and is there one braai that stands out above all the braais? Today, being 9 Jun 2011, would make it at least braai #783 … I say “at least” because some days I braai more than once a day, but it’s been 783 days in a row now today. The one braai that stands out amongst all the rest has to be the first one. It’s like losing your virginity: It’s not necessarily the best you’ve ever had, but you remember it clearly. Then one of my favorite braais has to be my 2nd birthday celebration. If you measure a braai by the party, and if a party’s measured by the hangover, then the party at Aandklas on that night has to be one of the highlights. Nearly 650 people turned up through the night, of which nearly 100 were girls that entered their cleavage into a competition… and the beer was on special all night. Enough said!

We’d like to thank @BraaiBoy for taking time to respond. We wish him all the best with his future ventures. You can follow him via @BraaiBoy on Twitter. Watkykjy.co.za is currently running a competition in which you can win a BraaiBoy hamper (which ends tomorrow), check it out at this link.

The previous person to be featured in the section was @Arne86 (from Cape Town), feel free to check out the post. Watch this space for regular updates in the Interviews and Interesting Tweople sections on Running Wolf’s Rant. You might also want to check out the daily updated Daily Cool Photo and Daily Babes sections for some interesting content. A majority of the posts here feature South African bits and pieces, so there’s bound to be something that you find interesting. Feedback is appreciated and welcome on anything that you might have an opinion about, so don’t be shy.


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