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Interesting Tweople: @LadySayFuckALot


Today I’m featuring another awesome Twitter user in the Interesting Tweople category. Today that honor falls onto @LadySayFuckALot. And having met her recently I’d say that is an accurate description of her vocabulary (and I think she may or may or not be punching me on the shoulder for that statement in the near future).

She grew up in Durban and moved to Gauteng about 15 years ago and although she enjoys diving there, she wouldn’t want to move back. She did her  BA degree, majoring in Psychology and English, as well as her Honours degree in English, part time at Tuks, going to classes at night. @LadySayFuckALot is clearly interested in the English language, so she cringes when it is butchered by peeps that can’t spell, and this has made her a bit of a Grammar Nazi (almost like your’s truly). The only bad spelling that she tolerates is from @brandnewbryan because ‘he spells bad, but fux well’.

She was the 5th woman in South Africa to qualify as a full cave diver and that is one of her passions. Strangely enough she hated Maths and Science at school and only did it so that she could get University exemption, but she has chosen to do technical diving which involves a lot of both. Similarly, she dropped Geography in standard 8, but she’s now working with the mines, in a Geographical Information Systems environment. If you think about it, you could probably say that it’s the Universe’s way of fucking with her.

I recently had the opportunity to interview @LadySayFuckALot and this is what she had to say:

You used to be known as @TroubleSaysSo on Twitter, what prompted the handle change to @LadySayFuckALot ? 

This is actually the second time that I have changed my handle. When I started on Twitter 2 years ago, I was ColleenF, but that was boring so a change was desperately required. I really wanted @trouble, but that was already taken, so in the line of ‘Simon Says’, @troublesaysso was thrust upon the world. I like change, and change my avatar regularly, so changing my handle recently was a logical next step. Wait, that’s a fib, I actually stole the idea, with permission of course (cos who can say no to me?) from @lordsayfuckalot. He had it as his Twitter name and I thought it was a really awesome handle and so pinched it.

Would you say that Social Media has changed your life, and how? 

Yes it has. I am a really outgoing individual who never shuts the fuck up, and so I like having the ability to talk to people ALL THE TIME …. well until they unfollow and block me. I also enjoy meeting a lot of Twitter peeps, such as yourself, and have formed some lasting friendships.

What are you currently working on?

I read about Coursera giving free short courses on a variety of subjects last month, on Twitter, and so have signed up for a basic programming course in Python. I have a few friends who haven’t stopped laughing at the idea of me programming, but yea, fuck them.

If you could recommend 5 people that should be on your Twitter timeline, who would they be and why?

So I had a look through some of the past peeps who have suggested people, and tried to give new suggestions. I also don’t follow the rules because rules are for other people. so I’m giving you 6.

  • @bwanachris – He’s really cool because I find his ‘ex’ jokes really funny. We are BBM friends and I often find myself being roped into helping with unmentionable things. Right now, he owes me about 500 000 000 favours.
  • @jess_obese – Because with her it is always wine-o’clock
  • @queen_uk  – This is a parody account for the queen, which is brilliant!
  • @antkaplan – Just in case a serial killer is stalking twitter, because you know that it’s always the ginger that gets taken out first.
  • @helterrrskelter – Because he tweets #LikeAGuru, stalks #LikeANinja, avatars #LikeABoss
  • @CMDRGMugabe – This is another parody account for Bob Mugabe. It is also really funny and well worth a follow.

What do you think that the world needs and what do you think that the world doesn’t need in this day and age? 

I think that we all need to stop and smell the roses more *cue violins* We are all so driven to succeed that we’re putting in longer hours, working harder, and distancing ourselves from others. I think that we all need to get to know our neighbours again and offer to help others more … And laughter, the world needs more laughter ….

Do you really think of yourself as trouble?

On a scale of 1 – 10, where Julius Malema is a 5, I’m an 11 😉

I’d like to take this time to thank @LadySayFuckALot for taking her time to do this interview with me. If you’re not following her on Twitter yet, do yourself a favor, you won’t be disappointed.

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