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Interesting Tweople: @Sarinatjie 1Yes folks, it’s time for Interesting Tweople again. Today’s featured Twitter user is is Sarina Johnson (@Sarinatjie on Twitter). She’s a final year Journalism student who spends most of her time on air at the best campus radio station in South Africa (and my favorite radio station), Tuks FM. She also occasionally MCs at events and has an insatiable passion for music.

She has been called a grammar Nazi because she’s that person who will correct your spelling mistakes before she responds to you on Twitter or Facebook.

She’s also an occasional blogger on And yes, she’s an avid tweeter as well. She also recently discovered Pinterest, you can check our her account at

I recently had time to ask this stunning Twitter user a few questions. This is what she had to say:

Since you’re one of the top DJs on Tuks FM you’ve probably seen and heard a lot of funny things over the last few years. Is there one of those things that stand out and could you tell us about it?

Some of the funniest moments include when we had Pricasso in studio for Sexpo… this guy is insane. He literally paints pictures with his naughty bits. Another fun moment was when we had a lady from La Senza come in to teach the ladies at Tuks FM all about finding the right bra size. She also measured our busts and the response we got from the male listeners were insane!

Interesting Tweople: @Sarinatjie 2Would you say that Social Media has changed your life?

Yes! It has opened so many doors for me! I have met the most amazing people (almost 70% of my closest friends today are people I’ve met through Twitter).

It also helps me create order in my chaotic life. Social media keeps me up to date with what’s happening in the world and to the people around me, keeps me on top of trends and gives me something to do when I want to kill time.

If you could pick 5 people (besides me) that you would recommend to follow on Twitter, who would it be?

@BaasdeBeer – One of my close friends and his tweets are ridiculously random. He uses the F-word quite profusely.

JamesJacksonJnr – One of the most cynical people I know. He has great taste in music, knows a lot about sport and his views on life would make you think, or at least have you laughing.

@Preneil – A fellow radio lover who I claim to be my musical soul mate. This man has an obsession with Zooey Deschanel and quoting lyrics in such a way that you think it’s his own words or thoughts.

@Petatkind – My little sister and physiotherapist-to-be. If you’re into sports, she’ll keep you in the loop with witty comments, especially about cricket.

@SamuelFrauens – For the fitness freaks, my man Sam is one of South Africa’s top Strongmen. Renowned for tweeting inspirational words to keep you motivated to live your best life. And he loves me, which makes him pretty awesome.

You’re an avid lover of South African and rock music. Which upcoming local band and upcoming international band would you say could be the next big thing and why?

Local: Laurie Levine – she sounds like Bob Dylan and Allison Krauss’ love child. Extremely talented musician with an amazing stage presence. International: Alabama Shakes – they recently performed on The Late show with David Letterman and absolutely rocked it.  They have also done some work with Jack White. These guys are making some serious music. Watch this space.

What is the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you on Twitter?

Starting a trending topic which even had @CoachDivvy and @KarenZoid tweeting about it and probably being retweeted by one of my radio role-models @Anele.

I would like to thank Pretoria or Joburg area) to catch her on air on Tuks FM. For those of you elsewhere, stream Tuks FM via this link.

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