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An Interview with Deity’s Muse


In case you did not now, Johannesburg based Alternative Rock band Deity’s Muse have been around since 2001. They play groove-driven hard rock and are an absolute juggernaut live.

They have appeared on every major South African rock festival stage and have also had the pleasure of sharing the stage with international bands like Dead Letter Circus (from Australia), Blind Guardian (from Germany), Oedipus (from the USA), Knorkator (from Germany), Unearth (from the USA), Protest The Hero (from Canada),Bring Me The Horizon (from the UK), Rise Against (from the USA), Affiance (from the USA) and Blindside (from Sweden).

The band’s members are Wayne Boucher (on vocals & guitar), Sashan Pillay (on drums), Alvin Boucher (on bass & backing vocals) and Yokim Pillay (on guitar). They recently recently a new album called “Convergence”. It’s their second studio album and one of the most anticipated alternative rock releases of the year. The album was produced by Clint Vincent (of Dead Letter Circus fame).

I recently had a chat to the band about a few things. This is how it went down.

What was the musical inspiration behind “Convergence” ?

Sashan: For me “Convergence” is all about rediscovery. We stripped away all we’ve learnt as musicians and approached it as a new entity. Taking ego and self gratification out of the equation was key to creating this album as a singular unit. The music was inspired largely by the process of rediscovering who we are as a band.

Why should people listen to your new album?

Wayne: Because on this release we smash any preconceptions you may have had about us in the past. I feel the production is of an international standard, and this filters down to the songwriting and performances too. It took us 3 years to make this album, and I think if you set aside some time to listen to it you’ll feel that it was well worth the wait.

What are your thoughts on the current state of rock in South Africa?

Sashan: It’s long winded and needs to change. Bands need to leave behind the false notion of what it is to be in a band. Create art, not fads.

What is currently playing on your music player?

Yokim: I’ve got a bunch of music from BADBADNOTGOOD and Twelve Foot Ninja on my playlists.

Wayne: Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool, Deftones – Gore, Textures – Phenotype

Sashan: Snarky Puppy – Family Dinner Vol.2, Massive Attack – Ritual Spirit, Deftones – Gore

Where can people catch your next show and what can they expect?

Wayne: We’re currently working on two very special tours yet to be announced. One will see us playing “Convergence” to outlying areas and South Africa’s coastline. The other sees us playing stripped down versions of songs from “Convergence” in a crazy marriage of acoustic meets electronic music. Keep an eye on our social pages for announcements.

I’d like to thank Deity’s Muse for this interview and wish them all of the best.

If you’re not sure how the band sounds, have a listen to their track “Walls Down” (which is on the new album). It’s a pretty kick-ass track in my books, maybe you’ll like it as well…

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