An interview with the folks that brew Dragon Fiery Ginger

If you’re attending the Hermanus Craft Beer Festival this coming weekend, you’ll have a chance to sample Dragon Ginger’s brews. I recently had a chat to the okes that drew this tasty beer, this is what they had to say:

Where does the name “Dragon Fiery Ginger” come from?

It comes from Warren Harries-Jones family crest. The family crest is also on a ring he wears. (Interesting, I really did not know that)

What makes your brews different from other breweries out there? 

We are very unique. We brew from real ginger. Our products are gluten free and do not contain barley or hops. (Sounds healthy, I like it).

An interview with the folks that brew Dragon Fiery Ginger 3

What song should be played at loud volume when someone is enjoying your brews? 

“Unleash the Dragon” by Sisqo. (I had to Google it, but it’s not a bad song…).

What is your favorite quote about beer? 

“It’s beer o’clock!” (It’s always beer o’clock somewhere, so I can definitely relate)

What can beer lovers expect from you at the Hermanus Craft Beer Festival? 

Our summer campaign slogan is “Fire Up Summer With Less Sugar, More Refreshing Burn.” So just that. (Burn Baby Burn!)

I’d like to thank to the folks from Dragon Ginger for this interview. I hope they have a kick-ass experience at the Hermanus Craft Beer Festival this coming weekend.

Reminder: Tickets at the gate will set you back R100 (including a plastic cup) or R130 (including a branded glass). Children between 12 and 17 can enter for R50 and kids under 12 can enter for free. Get your tickets at or check out the Facebook Event for more here:

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