An Interview with Gangs of Ballet

Great news! Gangs of Ballet are releasing Part 1 of their EP entitled “Form and Function” today. In case you did not know, Gangs of Ballet is a Durban band comprising of three musicians and friends – all of which have undertaken studying Music at University level.

Their music, which combines their fresh energy with their musically intriguing melodies and arrangements, has a hauntingly anthemic sound which appeals both to the musically-minded as well as to those merely seeking a fun musical experience. Their sound cannot be pinned down to one specific genre but rather experiments with an ecclectic mix of alternative, melodic, anthemic, electronic and dance.


Over the last few years they won two awards (a SAMA and a MTV MAMA) and have gained a huge fan base and have played at most of the music festivals in South Africa, establishing themselves as one of the top live acts in the country.

I recently had a chat to Brad Klynsmith of Gangs of Ballet, this is what he had to say:

What can music fans expect from your upcoming EP that’s being released today?

Well it’s interesting to put Part 2 up against Part 1 in that you can hear a definite change in sound and how 10 months of life can have an effect on everything you do. It feels really light and happy with a definite departure of what we’ve done before but certainly the core of who we are is there.

Which song is your favorite track on the new EP and why?

The opening track is called ‘The Wind’ and it’s just us making music with no pressure for it to be a single or anything.

How did the name “Gangs of Ballet” come about?

Our friend was a professional ballerina and she told us one evening just how cut throats the industry is but she made it sound like they had gangs that arrived with blades and gats to practices. We started mocking her,’ watch out for the gangs of ballet!’ And later we thought it would be a rad band name.

What can music fans expect from you after the release of this EP?

Please follow us on FB, Twitter and Instagram with the handle @gangsofballet. We’ll be touring all over SA and we want you to be there and the way to find out the where’s and when’s is on those platforms.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Brad and Gangs of Ballet for this interview. I wish them all of the best with their musical endeavours and I hope to see them live soon.

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