An Interview with Lena Martinson


Earlier this year Lena Martinson heated up your room during one of the winter months. Great news is that this Toronto, Ontario native is back on Running Wolf’s Rant today as a Featured Babe. This 20 year old is originally from Los Angeles, California in the USA and loves anything that gets her off her feet.

Lena-Martinson-01 An Interview with Lena Martinson

This open-minded model is daily striving for success in every category. Her biggest goal and wildest dream still is to appear on the cover of Playboy magazine all around the world. She sound like a pretty ambitious person if you ask me. I thought that it was about time to find out a little more about her so I e-mailed her for an interview, this is what she had to say….

Which countries in the world that you haven’t been to would you like to see and why?

I’ve actually traveled to most of my “desired” locations although it’s been a while, but i would definitely love to visit Africa! It’s always been a little fantasy of mine to go to Egypt and view all the pyramids as well as an authentic safari ride through the jungles n whatnot – the zoo’s on this end of the world aren’t doing it for me! :p

Lena-Martinson-02 An Interview with Lena Martinson

What do you like most about modeling?

What I enjoy most about modeling is the fact that it gives me the ability to ooze my artistic side. I enjoy looking at other peoples work so much, so when i’m able to create my own images I begin to feel overly accomplished knowing that others can see what i’ve created and enjoy it!

What is the funniest or strangest thing that’s ever happened to you during a shoot?

I’d have to say, well the lamest thing ever…I was in Venice Beach, taking a short break from my shoot to grab some lunch at the infamous pizza stands. As I went to go enjoy this slice of heaven, a bee decided to fly into my hair and get mangled making me look crazy trying to get it out…it stung me on my hand. That was the day I learned I was semi-allergic to bee stings Haha!

Which do you prefer? Swimwear shoots or Lingerie Shoots and why?

Hmm..good question. I’d have to say my favorite would be lingerie shoots, swimsuits and the beach get old after a while where lingerie you can dress it up and you can dress it down! Not to mention almost every swimsuit shoot I’ve done the photographer has made me get into dreadfully cold water!!

Lena-Martinson-03 An Interview with Lena Martinson

Do you have any advice for aspiring models out there?

Never EVER think you can’t model because you don’t fit the agency criteria. Practice makes perfect and one day people will appreciate the difference in your images.

Tell me something that you’ve never told any other publication or website before

No one has ever actually DONE my hair for a photoshoot! Everytime a hair stylist sees how long it is they resort to basic ponytails or a straightener. (It’s already straight) Pretty funny, but I don’t blame em! ๐Ÿ˜›

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lena Martinson for taking time to answer my interview questions. You can view more photos of her on her Facebook page or follow her on Twitter viaย @lenamartinson.

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