An Interview with Southern Wild

Southern Wild are one of the top SA acts who will be opening for Incubus on their tour of South Africa this month and I’m extremely excited about it. I’ve been following this band since 2015 and I have to say that they definitely deserve to be on the line-up.

Southern Wild released their debut album Lead Role in a Classic Horror last year. The album promises a journey consisting of many layers and paths to its listener, much like a wafer biscuit car on an eight-lane highway. And that’s exactly what it delivers. Every song provides something unique and can stand alone, but it’s the creative manner in which the album has been crafted  that fashions a voyage into the imagination.

An Interview with Southern Wild 1 I recently had a chat to the band about their upcoming sets at the Incubus shows and a few other random things. This is what they had to say:

How does it feel to be announced as one of the opening acts for the Incubus Tour of South Africa?

David: “It’s one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt. As I’m writing this answer I’m listening to Vitamin off of S.C.I.E.N.C.E and I actually can’t believe it. I think it will only sink in when we’re up there on stage. This is a band that molded me as a human being and I don’t know what I’m more excited for – to open for them or finally see them live. It’s most certainly one of the greatest honours of my life, up there with my wedding day and meeting my nephew for the first time.”

MJ: “It means so much, honestly an opportunity like this is something you dream about all your life. It’s pretty incredible being afforded the chance to actually live some of these dreams out, and with a band as incredible as Incubus? Fuck yeah!…”

Alex: “Unreal. I remember my dad introducing me to them with their Alive at Red Rocks DVD over 10 years ago. I was completely blown away, and now here we are.”

Dylan: “It is a dream come true for us really. Incubus is definitely a huige influence on our music. We are super excited and a little nervous, but we will be bringing our A-game. It’s awesome being able to get your music out to such a large audience who we know listen to “our kind of music”. Not to mention the fact that the opening acts were “hand picked” as such.”

An Interview with Southern Wild 2 What is your favourite song by Incubus and why is it your favourite song?

Dylan: “I am an old schooler, so New Skin was the first track I heard and immediately loved. Honestly, there are too many to mention.”

Alex: “I love the whole of A Crow Left Of The Murder. It’s the first Album of theirs I was Introduced to and it has stuck with me ever since. Classic.”

MJ:  “Nimble bastard, mostly because it’s got the best music video I’ve ever seen. There is nothing better than watching all these little secret agent dogs doing everything in their power to try and stop the guys from Incubus from making their music video.”

David: “Difficult question but I suppose it would be between Sick Sad Little World and The Warmth. Both are so experimental, emotional, and the lyrics of both songs just resonate with me as an individual. Always have and always will.”

Who would in a celebrity deathmatch between Yoda and Dobby The House Elf and why?

David: “I’m going to go with Yoda because he’s stronger than most in his connection with the force.”

MJ: “Dobby is a house elf and Yoda is a master Jedi with powers like Telekinesis and is highly trained in using a laser sword, so I think Yoda will win hands down.”

Alex: “Destroy Dobby, Yoda would.”

Dylan: “Dobby versus “the force”? Paah-lease!!? Yoda for sure.”

What would be the ultimate celebrity deathmatch between two bands and who would win it?

Dylan: “Cannibal Corpse versus Taylor Swift. Even though Taylor is a hard bitch, she would definitely come off second best, and the Cannibal Corpse okes will have inspiration for new lyrics 🙂

Alex: “Snarky Puppy vs Vulfpeck. I have no idea who’d win but It would be one hell of a fight.”

MJ: “Queens of the Stone Age vs the original Guns and Roses line up. Couldn’t be sure who would actually win but I’m sure it would be dirty, violent and unforgettable to see them battling it out to the death.”

David: “Pass.”

An Interview with Southern Wild 3 What have you guys been up to lately?

David: “We just played Kirstenbosch Gardens for the first time yesterday which was a monumental event for us. Other than that, rehearsing and trying to get our heads around the fact that we’re playing both shows with Incubus. We’re going to give it everything.”

MJ: “The band has been hard at work on new exciting material that all of us can’t wait to finish up and share with everyone.”

Alex: “We’ve been so inspired to write new material recently and now have so many new ideas. It’s just a matter of choosing our favourites, letting them mature a little and hitting record.”

Dylan: “We have been playing shows and trying to “get out there” you know. We had a great December Sol Circus tour with some killer bands. Covered like 4500km’s and played some really awesome festivals we had not been to before. Smoking Dragon and Wild Spirit Festival of Friends were shows to remember. Then obviously Up The Creek! What a pleasure playing there – Missed your face hey Henno…”

What can music lovers expect from Southern Wild at the Incubus concerts in Cape Town and Pretoria?

Dylan: “Passion. Love. Energy. Power. Tears. Sweat. Laughter. The best show we can muster from our collective bodies. Too excited.”

Alex: “Energy, Passion and probably a lot of sweat and tears.”

MJ: “They can expect us to give everything we have. For all of us this has been a dream we’ve been working hard to achieve and there is no way that won’t come through when we are on stage in that moment.”

David: “A lot of emotion, hard-hitting rock music and probably tears. Definitely tears. Maybe even blood.”

I’d like to thank Southern Wild for this interview and I wish them all of the best with their shows in Cape Town and Pretoria. If you’re not familiar with their music, crank up their song Time Eraser below.

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