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Introducing Good Morning Babylon


Good Morning Babylon are an alternative reggae band from Cape Town. Join them as they take a sardonic look at relationships, everyday life, love, nihilism and the human capacity for hope.

So how did Good Morning Babylon get together? Heno started writing reggae songs about a year ago with Neil. They wanted to get a full band together that could perform the songs live, so they made some demos and sent them to a mutual friend John, who would later join as guitarist. After searching for a suitable drummer for weeks, they were almost out of options. Everyone whom they had spoken to was unavailable.

Then someone suggested Fourie. It was a stretch, as no-one in the band really knew him that well or was familiar with his playing style, but they decided to take a risk. Fourie was instantly keen despite having never heard the songs before and proved to be a formidable reggae drummer. Another friend of theirs’, Ariel, was asked to join the group on bass guitar and agreed, but sadly had to depart from the group a few months later.

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Determined not to be bummed, they asked their curly-haired friend Neels to join as the new bassist. He had been in bands with John since high school and was a chronic late sleeper. Perfect. To get an idea of their sound, crank up their song “Another Night” below:

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