Introducing @MS_PCGuy: Your Go to PC Question / Tech Guy


@MS_PCGuy Introducing @MS_PCGuy: Your Go to PC Question / Tech GuyMany of you reading this post are probably not the most technological savvy persons in the world. Technology and the world of computers can be overwhelming (even to technologically savvy people like me). It’s fast paced and it changes all the time. Nowadays, people want to stay connected and up to date, but there are just so many options out there when it comes to PC’s, laptops and notebooks.

So, where do you start when it comes to buying a new computer? What specs do you look for? What are the latest trends? Well, the good news is that  tech giant Microsoft wants to help you understand what’s what and simplify the world of PC’s to help you unlock functions and features you never thought were possible – at home, at work and at school.

And this is where @MS_PCGuy comes in!  The beauty of this is that you can now ask a Microsoft person all your PC related / Tech Trend questions via Twitter. So you are asking yourself “How do I get my questions answered?”. Well, it’s easy, follow @MS_PCGuy on Twitter or on join the Microsoft SA Facebook page and post your questions. @MS_PCGuy will answer your questions via video, so be sure to check back often to see what he has to say.

This is the Introduction video on YouTube from @MS_PCGuy

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