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Introducing Overly Suave IT Guy


The newest meme craze hit the internet this week: Overly Suave IT Guy. This safe for work, technically hard working dude burst onto Reddit and has taken the world by storm. Chances are that if this guy was a real person he would most probably be fired for sexual harassment. I’m pretty sure of that.

To give you an idea of how viral this has gone online:  In the first 24 hours the first Overly Suave IT Guy Reddit post gained over 28,100 up votes and 690 comments. A few days later another Redditor submitted an image macro using the word “Trojan” as a double entendre for viruses and the condom brand to Reddit which garnered upwards of 21,900 up votes and 270 comments in the following 20 hours. Pretty friggin’ impressive if you ask me.

There’s a huge possibility that his pickup lines will only work on girls with a really low IQ.  If you’re planning on hitting the nightclub or pub scene with a pocketful of Overly Suave IT Guy’s sayings you better be prepared to be slapped in the face, be ignored or be laughed at. Don’t take my word for it though, judge for yourself, check out these memes below:

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